Twitter for Recruitment in Dutch “the movie”

Twitter for recruitment in Dutch from gordonlokenberg on Vimeo.

What I am telling the audience, members of Recruiters United? What twitter could be all about and how they could use twitter for recruitment.


Social Recruiting Event 2009 Utrecht, NL

Enclosed the presentation by Jacco Valkenburg

Below my preso, in Dutch about Twitter and Recruitment.. More to follow in the next days.

Lokloq starts Mobile Recruitment in Europe

After the successful launch of mJobs in the USA, there is now a second company in the world that is into Mobile Recruitment only.

Lokloq mobile recruitment solutions

Number 1 in Europe
Lokloq is the first Europe based Mobile Recruitment Solution provider.
Their services will start in June, by presenting a white lable mobile recruitment application.

With Lokloq the applicant can unlock their career and lock their new job, at anytime, anywhere via their mobile phone.

Regarding to the post on mobile recruitment solutions earlier on this blog: Of course Lokloq has thought of all this.

Stay tuned in on the ongoing Lokloq success: follow @lokloq on Twitter.

#swvi Marc de Vries, Hyves

Marc de Vries, CEO hyves.

Recruitment in Social Media and what to do with Hyves.

Your profile on Hyves tells others who you are and what you do.
Social Media: to share… and be yourself, don’t hide behind your company logo… Don’t centralize, Distribute!

Nice to know, in Holland
Hyves , 6,9 mln users
Linkedin, 1 mln users
Twitter, 50 K users

75% internet users do visit Social Networking sites….

Hyves and Recruitment:
Communicate, Share Social Content, Your Identity
But isn’t Hyves for children only? NO, 57+% is 13yrs and older of which in the age of 20-34yrs 80,5% is on Hyves! Okay, clear, we can recruit on Hyves.

Posted using

But how? Tell us what to do?
First of the Poll: Do you mind, me recruiting you via Hyves
63% says you can recruit me via Hyves, via Friend 11% and 52% come and get me!

How to:
Corporate Communication, Build you brand tell your story and engage
Targeted Communication

Tip, use your own network on Hyves to recruit, for free.

Marc thanks for your clear view on how to use Hyves!

Tag, I’m it

Conference gap! Since I am not attending the Kennedy info thing in Orlando. This is a week to do other things besides discussing the beauty of our profession.

And you know what, I am being tagged!

I thought the HR Bartender, Sharlyn Lauby started, being tagged by Jessica Leeand Maren Hogan who were both tagged by The HR Bartender.

But after a little research there seems to be more behind this Being Tagged

Here are the 4 simple rules:
1. Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself in the post – some random, some weird.
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So some things about me:
– I twitter a lot
– I also blog about familythings
– In the Recruitment business since January 1999
– Online most of the day via mobile or laptop
– Do not like people who don’t show respect
– Play hockey since I was 6 (30yrs now!!!)
– Love my scooter in Amsterdam city

being tagged
Bas van de Haterd, OR @bvdhaterd
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Now a little link building has been done. I can get back to what I was doing before writing this post, back to twitter.

Have fun tagging!

What are you doing? Killing deadlines!

Ever since I started with Twitter, which is about 1,3 year ago, I couldn’t stop twittering… Whatever I am thinking of, what bothers me, what makes me happy, what the kids are doing, what is to see in the zoo, what is happening at work, what it is I notice in the news, what I see around me, what I will be presenting about and of course, what it is I am searching for to get this one vacancy filled.

Actually I am continuously answering the questing What are you doing?

Well last week it has been a lot, but a lot of readers of this blog, don’t twitter, I know for sure.
It was killing deadlines most of the time

Therefor a little summary.

22nd and 23rd I was in my 3rd/4th day inhouse at ProRail, learning about who is who in there, to make my work a lot easier. Currently I am looking to recruit 3 different profiles for ProRail: Information Analist, Application Manager and an Application Architect. More about this in another posting. Some interesting things in W3Recruitment are coming up ๐Ÿ™‚

24th Training Recruiters of a large IT company in the Netherlands about how they could work on their online presence. That way the possible candidates will get to know them and call!

25th Training Recruiters from all over the country in how to optimize their vacancy so search engines understand the have something interesting to offer.

26th Friday! Wrap up of the week, besides all the get to know stuff, trainings and candidate search. I even managed to prepare the Keynote for Versbloed08, the pre-conference workshop in Belgium, which I will do together with Peer Goudsmit. And at last the mailing for the Master Class Online Recruitment has left the building.

So now you know ๐Ÿ™‚

Recruiting via Microblog, Twitter

Why did I not create this???
Well I am not an inventor, I love to mash up techniques and technologies which are already out there. Guys, Well done!