Where People Sourcing stops and Candidate Curation begins

Often I got the questions, what is sourcing, what is people sourcing.

Well here is your answer:
Sourcing, people sourcing is about finding people that match the profile you are looking for.

People sourcing is about creating a list of names, matching interests to what you are looking for in a person and a way to connect with the person.
Often starts with gathering intell about the profile in general, find out what the keywords are to be able to refine your results and get the best results. After these steps you go online and decide what to look for e.g. a resume, a social network profile, or a blog where these people gather etc. Collect the names and contact details matching the profile. Than you find. Full Stop. People Sourcing part has ended.

Candidate Curation begins
In my opinion, you are curating candidates from the moment you are in touch with a person to find out whether they qualify for pre selection, from the moment they answer you question “are you interested in more details about this role” with a yes.

A yes means you can put them in your ATS for further processing the candidate till you hire or decide not to hire the person.
Once you have decided, your company is going to pay for the mortgage of this person, the label candidate drops and Employee Relationship starts.

If you decide to stop the application / hiring process with the candidate, candidate curation is still very important, talking about Employer branding here. The rejected candidate could still become you brand advocate. WOOOOT!

Candidate Curation is a very important thing
… You need to be able to cope with.
Remember, if you start advertising your candidate profile, “job ad”, you might find people in your mailbox, dm, whatsapp, linkedin, Facebook, etc that show interest in your advertised profile.
By putting your job out there, you actually are asking the question: “are you interested in more details about this role” by showing interest, the person answers with “yes”.

Please do get back to them. candidate curation

Good candidate curation gets you further in your sourcing activities, the candidates most of the time get you new sources to explore, bring in new profiles and more useful keywords. So stay connected with your sourcers if you do the candidate curation.
People sourcing and candidate curation is like … “01010000 01100101 01101111 01110000 01101100 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101111 01110101 01110010 01100011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 01100100 01101001 01100100 01100001 01110100 01100101 00100000 01100011 01110101 01110010 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110” … without it doesn’t work….


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RCE day 2, Misunderstandings about the Chinese Talent Market

Ed Barzilay and Yvon Niu Maximum, the first Employer Brand company in China.
Maximum has good online focus in employer branding, also they are very creative.


There is a surplus in the labormarket, No, the right skills are not available.
Also labor rate range is greater e.g. a junior tv post production engineer earns 300 times less than a managing director.
Since 62% of the Chinese population is part of the labor force. (USA 51% and 22% in Japan)
Everybody wants to work, therefor the ads don’t need to be fancy, Google can do likewise and get 6000 applications!

Salary is not the most important thing to switch jobs, it is career opportunities, than salary and culture.
In China the turnover rate in popular industries is more than 20%, Yes some companies even 300%.
More than 10% of the working population in China is actively looking for another job, NO only 7% is actively looking for a job.
Chinese professionals prefer Western managers, Yes as long they are capable of course.
What is more important in China, the job or who you work for… Who you work for.
Accountancy is a male dominated industry in China, No 57% is female
FMCG is the most desirable industry among Chinese talent, No, medical is, than telecom, and telco.
Which industry are you most willing to work in, IT, telco, banking.. They are not loyal to their industry.
“Chinese people desire democracy”, therefor they prefer a democratic corporate culture, NO the corporate culture must professional, stable, harmonious and strict.
Working hard is like second nature for Chinese professionals, the was, workload is acceptable.
Possibility to work part-time, only 3% wanted that… But that will change.

This has been a entertaining presentation, with a lot of “he, that is nice to know when I go out there to search for talent”

RCE day 2, listening to the conversation

Paul Harrison, Carve Consulting

Employer brands, the opportunities and threats of the social media

You know where the conversation is taking place? Blogs, wiki’s, microblogs, socialnetworks, groups, forums…
Why do these conversations matter? It creating impact on internal morale/behaviours, can increase, or damage your digital dna.

Social Spaces offer you unprecedented opportunities to connect and engage with talent!
Know this and use this….( a tool you can use for capturing the conversations is e.g. buzzcapture )

Start Listening!
Develop an engagement strategy… A what, yes an engagement strategy… like you do when Create the employer brand strategy.
Start conversation not interruption and with respect

Conclusion: risk is outhweighed by opportunity, develop an achievable roadmap, be authentic

Paul, thanks for this: again another evangelist on using web 2.0 the proper way.
I like that.

RCE day 2, we are at war

Matthew Jeffery, Electronic Arts about the importance of an Employment Brand, check out ere.net or recruitmentcommunityeurope.com for live streaming, he is on!

We forget the Employer Brand, while discussing our talent acquisition strategies during the war for talent..
We have to create our audience ourselves, people are distracted by around 6000 brands a day.

This presentation is going fast through the branding figures.

Employer Branding is it an HR thing
? NO it is a marketing, hr, recruitment, sales, internal communication, management, pr, employees, thing. It is a one size doesn’t fit all thing.

What is our goal in Web 2.0: Build relationships with our audience, have fun, make them enthusiastic for our Employer Brand, creating a pipeline of candidates in the end. Electronic Arts is using web 2.0 the way it is to be used. Check out their Facebook.

Use internal communications to fuel staff PRIDE! Wow, EA is doing the right thing!

Matthew thanks!

“Recruitment is an ART” quote via Twitter during the session

“Matthew showed us the art of the possible” quote from Alan Whitford, the chair of the conference.

RCE day 1, the workshop: building the employer brand

Today day 1 in RCE Global Recruitment Conference 2008, Amsterdam.

The regular things have been taking care of. Coffee, Internet acces, and of course meeting the workshop leaders of today: Kevin Wheeler, Glenn Guttmacher, Sophy Pern.

Other postings you’ll find on:
–Live streaming on ERE
–Blogpostings on Recruitmentmatters.nl (in Dutch)–


The workshop I will be writing about is “Building the employer brand” with Sophy Pern, People in Business

Defining the Employer Brand:
“Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room” a quote by Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.com

Employer Brand management: actively shaping the experience of current and prospective employees.

Employer Branding: long term activity, 3/4 years of building platform and become known and show “them out there” that what you tell them is truth. So you become trusted.

Employer Brand Model:
What is your Core Identity, your corporate brand?
If you have this answer, than translate it to an Employee Value Proposition:
What is your target profile. What is your headline promise? Define attributes, reasons to believe and fine tune all of the above.

HR, Internal Communications, Marketing and Line management are all involved…

To find out about your employer brand, did you check Linkedin, Hyves, Glassdoor.com, Facebook or other Social Media?

An easy start in thinking over your Employer Branding: keep in mind your customer can be your next employee.

How about Recruitment and Employer Branding?

Brand building Recruitment:
Translate employer brand proposition into a recruitment campaign
dramatize you headline proposition
standing out / cutting through
Manage the recruitment experience!

In the end we have to see what has happened after going through this whole exercise…
The numbers, because that is where the money is. Especially during Economic downturn we need to be on top of this.
We can of course measure the candidate experience, by asking them questions, but also in terms of time to hire, number of direct hires. And currently in this era, we measure engagement and retention.
Hmm, how do we keep our Employer Brand budget alive nowadays..
Adjust your main topic from Attraction to Engagement and Motivation?

It has been an interesting overview in how to build your employer brand.
Sophy thank you.

AVATAR is who you are?

Just a short posting today,

For a lot of people on the web, is being yourself, still….

Therefor the avatar has been created.

Of course what you would like to express with an avatar could be everything.
You could use a business like one or a personal one, or a more fantasy one (like above).

Most important, so I think, stay close to who you are.
And use a proper avatar.
That means your face when it’s about you, fantasy when it’s about fun or games and you could use your company logo, if it is about the company…

What does your avatar look like?