RCE day 2, listening to the conversation

Paul Harrison, Carve Consulting

Employer brands, the opportunities and threats of the social media

You know where the conversation is taking place? Blogs, wiki’s, microblogs, socialnetworks, groups, forums…
Why do these conversations matter? It creating impact on internal morale/behaviours, can increase, or damage your digital dna.

Social Spaces offer you unprecedented opportunities to connect and engage with talent!
Know this and use this….( a tool you can use for capturing the conversations is e.g. buzzcapture )

Start Listening!
Develop an engagement strategy… A what, yes an engagement strategy… like you do when Create the employer brand strategy.
Start conversation not interruption and with respect

Conclusion: risk is outhweighed by opportunity, develop an achievable roadmap, be authentic

Paul, thanks for this: again another evangelist on using web 2.0 the proper way.
I like that.


2 thoughts on “RCE day 2, listening to the conversation

  1. Gordon, thanks for this, glad to be on the same page as you. Obviously time / environment meant couldn’t go into much detail but let me know if you more info / metrics / research. We’re using a number of tools, but Radian6 is the one we took some screen grabs from on the day ( and how we found your blog post 😉

    Pres from the day here: http://www.slideshare.net/CarveConsulting

    All the best

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