RCE day 2, Misunderstandings about the Chinese Talent Market

Ed Barzilay and Yvon Niu Maximum, the first Employer Brand company in China.
Maximum has good online focus in employer branding, also they are very creative.


There is a surplus in the labormarket, No, the right skills are not available.
Also labor rate range is greater e.g. a junior tv post production engineer earns 300 times less than a managing director.
Since 62% of the Chinese population is part of the labor force. (USA 51% and 22% in Japan)
Everybody wants to work, therefor the ads don’t need to be fancy, Google can do likewise and get 6000 applications!

Salary is not the most important thing to switch jobs, it is career opportunities, than salary and culture.
In China the turnover rate in popular industries is more than 20%, Yes some companies even 300%.
More than 10% of the working population in China is actively looking for another job, NO only 7% is actively looking for a job.
Chinese professionals prefer Western managers, Yes as long they are capable of course.
What is more important in China, the job or who you work for… Who you work for.
Accountancy is a male dominated industry in China, No 57% is female
FMCG is the most desirable industry among Chinese talent, No, medical is, than telecom, and telco.
Which industry are you most willing to work in, IT, telco, banking.. They are not loyal to their industry.
“Chinese people desire democracy”, therefor they prefer a democratic corporate culture, NO the corporate culture must professional, stable, harmonious and strict.
Working hard is like second nature for Chinese professionals, the was, workload is acceptable.
Possibility to work part-time, only 3% wanted that… But that will change.

This has been a entertaining presentation, with a lot of “he, that is nice to know when I go out there to search for talent”


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