Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods) via #TEDX

Still Recruiting via Mobile seems a magical thing, something unconventional.

Mobile Recuruitingcamp, #mrec, last month in San Francisco proved otherwise
Check out this news item on ABClocal

Below, what happened a month before at TedX, featuring Marco Tempest.

Enjoy the show, which I think is fenomenal!


ERE Webinar “Think Web, Act Mobile”

Enclosed the full recording of my first webinar for, sponsored by The Ladders
It was well attended by over a 100 people from several parts of the world.

Presenting on what kind of mobile technologies could be useful for mobile recruiting and questions like how to do proper metrics on mobile recruiting and what keywords to use in creating mobile recruiting apps, I think we have discussed a lot.

If you missed it, check it out: Think Web, Act Mobile

“Think web, Act mobile” recruiting in the new era

In 1915, a Scots town planner has been the one that pronounced the famous words Think Global, Act Local.

He couldn’t have known that that would be the famous line for every CEO in the years after.

Think web Act mobile
Is the title of the webinar on June 8th 2011, 2.00 PM ET,
(20.00hrs Amsterdam Time)

In this webinar Gordon Lokenberg will present you his thoughts on Think web, Act mobile: recruiting in the new era

  • What is mobile recruiting
  • How can we use mobile technology
  • But I still don’t have a smartphone
  • How to integrate mobile recruiting
  • What is currently the mobile future for our company

Join this free Webinar about Mobile Recruitment, sponsored by The Ladders

Listen to Bill Boorman on Blog Talk Radio

Today I experienced my first Blog Talk Radio being Guest on the show.
Of course Mobile Recruitment was topic during the one hour radio show. Felix Wetzel, Allan Whitford, Keith Robinson, Bill Boorman, Dave Martin, managing director of AllTheTop- and myself were discussing what is, what could and what should be the candidate experience using mobile for jobseeking.
The whole show can be found here: “Mobile Recruiting”

Listen to Bill Boorman on Blog Talk Radio