Recruiting via Microblog, Twitter

Why did I not create this???
Well I am not an inventor, I love to mash up techniques and technologies which are already out there. Guys, Well done!


Web analytics / Webstats / Web Intelligence Who Cares?

Looking at company,

What departments are focussed, or should be focussed on the company website?
And who in those departments should monitor what is happening on the company website?
So why is webanalytics only for marketeers? Or isn’t it?

The answers I got via my LinkedIn network again shows that we keep our focusgroup in Webanalytics at the Marketing department šŸ˜¦

So what is it I like to share with you Recruiters? Don’t be a D*m*SS!

Why spend so much money on Online Recruitment, W3Recruitment tools, ATS and whatever,

if you don’t measure what is working well for YOU.

Oke, oke, got a little emotional there. But really I don’t get it.

Why spend hours out here on the web, not knowing if it gives you result.

Often people tell me, well we are out there and we do measure…. We know exactly how much hires we got via this online channel. By the way people only are able to apply via our recruitmentsite… So we know, the numbers are in our ATS (applicant tracking system)….

Simple question, answer will be in your analytics… How many people did want to apply, but did not get through the applicantforms.

Another simple question, how many visitors did you get on your recruitmentsite, and how many of those on your recruitmentsite did actually visit your nr.1 vacancy? Euh, why did they not, and if they did not, what did they do?

In a time where recruitment sources are everywhere, the web 2.0 people keep creating more and more for us toĀ  explore and use. Please do figure out if it works for you or not.

Do it the right way with one of these products: Nedstat, Omniture, Webtrends, etc

To be online in….

People ask me often are you online? Where can I find you? What do you do online?

It must take a lot of time, doesn’t it…..

Let me try to summize where I am active in the W3:

twitter, google, yahoo, xing, linkedin, jaiku,
facebook, myspace, socialmedian, msn, nvb,skype,
hrlog, snatw, scoutle, sparx, trackr, me.dium, flickr,
tweakers, spoke, perlmongers, netlog, blogger,
schoolbank, fon, hyves, monsterboard, pownce
marktplaats, tumblr, ecademy, spock, personeelslog,
ikki, naymz,plaxo, marketingfacts, tblog, ten, mobypicture,
lastfm, ning, digg, meetup, listserves, netvibes…..

It might be, I’ve forgotten somethings,
So you know.