What if: No more recruitment

A Management Team today asked me in reaction on what is happening in the world of filling jobs, where they throw more money, increase the volume on the “we are hiring -song” on all platforms out there, etc… “our world”

The world of recruiting is going crazy…

What if we stop all the recruitment spend, no more sourcing, no more persuasion, no more adds, no more tap into the community, no more job fairs and yes no more agencies…

What will happen?

What do you think?

Will people still be able to find their next challenging job?

Would the company still be able to grow?

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Social Engineering at #Sosueu 2106

Glen Cathy opened Sosueu 2016 with a great deck on Social Engineering. Social Engineering is as old as people started to communicate. Funny about the hacks he gave on Social Engineering is, that lots of these hacks seem to be normal, but being aware of the techniques makes it a great asset to your daily tasks .

As always Sourcing Summit is about sourcing, but also about inspiring Sourcers to crawl out of there tunnel vision. New this year was the Pre Conference event: #SosuHacks… Even more reasons to join next year 🙂

In preparation of my presentation this year, I have been thinking, why it takes that long in most of the companies before Sourcing gets its spot in the recruitment marketing mix.

Most of the time, the biggest hurdle to take is to convince the Hiring manager.

If you were not at Sosueu 2016:


25000+ on Linkedin what does it mean?

As of August 2005 I am using Linkedin, as of today, nearly 6 yrs later I past another milestone there, 25000+ direct connections.

What does it mean?

Well to me it means a lot. Since I am heading for the finish now, only 5000 more to go and there it is, the maximum allowed direct connection in Linkedin…

The success stories using Linkedin?

My first successful hire via Linkedin took place in 2005, my last hire as well the other day.
My current assignment was via one of my connections on Linkedin, and my next one will be as well.
The Linkedin sales team in the Netherlands got really on track with Online recruiting, they were trained by me in 2010 🙂
Also I trained a lot of recruiters in how to use Linkedin for recruitment in the past 4 years.
By growing my network on Linkedin, my status updates became a media channel with 25000 listeners, they may not always hear what I have to tell, but they are there.

About my network on Linkedin

It’s international, it’s helpful, it’s even most of the times reliable.
My network on Linkedin is open and if they ask me a question about work, recruiting, mobile or internet they always get an answer. Those answers are always in terms of yes I can or you might want do it this way or contact so and so for more information about this topic.
This is what keeps me having fun in using Linkedin.

My profile shows you my resume, my presentations on Slideshare, my latests blogposts and connects you to my websites and my twitter account. So it sort of gives you all you wanna know about me. And the fun part there is, it is also visible who wants to know more about you, so I can reach out to them!

I set it up as being sort of my personal website on the internet.

Do I spent money on Linkedin?

Yes I do, partially to feel comfortable about using the product, you give me lots of information, therefor I like to support your product.
And for my current assignment I also have access to the Linkedin Recruiter products, which I find great to work with. Mostly the shared information about who of your colleagues has already reached out to the person you are interested in. And using it for recruiting metrics and posting jobs.

Going mobile,

Linkedin was considered to be one of the first 5 mobile recruiting tools… I like the app, and yes I did change the theme colors in there. The mobile app is easy to use, while doing a quick background check on a person, but most of all I use it on my Ipad to run through all the invites I get every day. On the mobile app of Linkedin it is much more easy to check if someone has added a personal message to the invitation, do a quick profile view before adding the person to your connection and than decide to reply or add directly.

Yep, I like Linkedin, there is always someone there 🙂

That’s all…

ps. this post is not sponsored! I just wanted to write about Linkedin because I passed by number of 25000 connections.

Thank you all for being in there! >>>happy networking<<