Geert-Jan Waasdorp about Oldskool Recruitment

Wow, oldskool recruitment! Geert-Jan Waasdorp, founder at Intelligence Group

Currently in Recruitment lots of applications, sites and other internet possibilities are available…

Only 1400 jobsites are registered in the Netherlands!

1.6 mln unique jobs (source have been posted in 2009 still 121K jobs are open. Creditcrunch is there, still we have vacancies which we can’t fullfill.
Need to know, the Netherlands count 7,2 mln people in the labour market.

Social Media we need now!
But are we sure?
Social media is the goldrush….

What do we forget..

Question: who would apply for one of the jobs on their own recruitmentsite.

It’s about the candidate
Not to reach them, but to move them
Invest in your own recruitmentsite
Optimize your internal recruitmentprocess
Be a good employer

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#swvi Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Intelligence Group

Geert-Jan Waasdorp
About are you out there on the web and do candidates find you?

Question: What is your Site Traffic?
If you don’t know that how to tell your boss you are doing well on the web?

Be measurable and be found!
Define your funnel toward the apply button, and tune this funnel.

How to create the best candidate experience?
Technique should be good, content should be relevant and to the point, engagement is wizard, and do not forget the Apply Button!!!
Okay .. I will mention it again.. don’t forget to react!!!

Interesting presentation, lot’s of examples of nice and very good recruitmentsite a.o.,

Good to hear this afternoon that you need to measure.
Note to Intelligence Group: you can measure the front and backend, tip make sure the sitestatstags are on your applicationforms as well 🙂

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Successful Recruitment 2009

During preparation of Successful Recruitment Seminar, I stumbled up on a little sneak preview of the sites that are in the race to become the best recruitmentsite 2009.


It appears that these are the same websites in the race as there were at the Digital Recruitment Awards in 2007.

Does that mean there is no new successful site out there? OR is it a fake picture???


So what is this picture about, when I asked the photographer about this mobypicture he answered:


That’s all for now… I’ll keep you posted on this event, I will be live blogging from this event on March 12 2009.

ERE 2008, seriously rocks!

Left to right: Alfons Boltjes, Bolwork, Peer Goudsmit, Peersearch, Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Intelligence Group, Marko Hol, HRP Consult, Gordon Lokenberg, InterimRS

We all like to thank everybody who attended this ERE expo. It was awesome, you were great!