Recruiting and Layar

The mobile phone
I got this call a few weeks back: “Gordon we would like to hire some more people, what should we do?”
After the following conversation it turned out, that the best thing this company could do is to put a recruiter in place, with a background in IT, Internet and Mobile, taking care of their hiring needs.

What happened
Since I am still Trainer and Speaker on the subject of Mobile and Internet Recruitment and still going strong with my Mobile Recruiting Project called Shake Your Job.

I did find a way to help out this company, consultancy…. Contracting or Interim you could call it as well.

And as of today, for the next few months, I am back in race of finding the best candidate first!

May I present myself: Gordon Lokenberg Recruiter at Layar +31 6 421 21 451

About Layar


Recruitment anno 2012

Knowing this can be our future, what do recruiters need to know nowadays?

If you like to know what recruitment might be like in within the next 3 years, and you do understand Dutch, here is what is you might expect, according to Bas Westland, Gordon Lokenberg and Ha Vo: Recruitment anno 2012, tonight, September 23rd at 20.00hrs Amsterdam, live broadcast via

“The first webinar on Recruitment in the Dutch Language”

RCE day 3, Social Networks Around the World

Panel discussion, live streaming


Panel session is moderated by An de Jonghe, Ulysses Consulting. Panelists: Isabelle Noir, Viadeo, Peter Gold, Hire Strategies, Ricardo Risamasu,, Paul Harisson, Carve Consulting.

The conclusion I can make, is that the audience is still afraid to go out there and the panelists are trying to make them feel comfortable. Good stuff.