Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies, 24th of October

Masterclass online recruitment

Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies

Would you like to reduce your time-to-hire and learn how to spend your online budget in the most effective way? Do you want to improve your online ROI and find out why certain targets are not reached? In a master class by Gordon Lokenberg, interim recruitment specialist, you will find answers to all these questions.

Date and location
Friday 24 Oct – 09.30 until 17.00, Webster University, Boommarkt 1, Leiden.


* How to create an online Talent Acquisition Strategy
* How to make your online recruitment budget cost effective
* How to align your organisation with your online Talent Acquisition Strategy

The master class is organised together with Nedstat, PeopleXS and Webster University and will offer an out-of-the-box view on how to plan your strategy and get an in-depth insight into your online activities. The master class will provide you with a clear view of what online channels are most effective for your organisation.

€ 995 per participant excl. VAT. Lunch is included.

The one-day master class will take place on the 24th of Oktober in Leiden. Subscribe now for the master class online recruitment! If you register before Oktober 1st you will receive 20% discount.

For more information, please contact us at +31 20 51 95 464.


You’ve got mail, check your webstats, why!

You know the Mailboxrecruiters, only focussed on email from their suppliers: The smart cv salesmen that sell you LinkedIn Profiles or send you cv’s they got from old static databases.

Yep they are busy…

But by managing the Salesmen, they haven’t got time to check their other mail. The mail that comes from Highly Interested, Motived, Choosing for You, candidates. Hmm.

What to do with that…

>>> Get them more relevant cv’s
>>> Explain them how to make sure they get those relevant cv’s…

I will not tell you now what kind of campains etc, etc. to do to get the right attention.

I do think the “official, company site” is still a good “mailbox” but it should be able to take more than just the “email”.

The “mailmen” within the company should be able to work with all types of mail, whether it is just an URL of a blog, “LinkedIn” or “Twitter Profile” or an email with your CV attached. (I’m only thinking Online here)

The “mailmen” should be able to place the opening to the mailbox in the right neighbourhood.

What is the right neighbourhood? This neighbourhood is marked in their webstats.

Do you think so as well?

Simon Young replied to my posting last week: “If I were a potential hire, I’d want to apply through the application that suits me, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or via email”

So at least someone shares this idea.

Web analytics / Webstats / Web Intelligence Who Cares?

Looking at company,

What departments are focussed, or should be focussed on the company website?
And who in those departments should monitor what is happening on the company website?
So why is webanalytics only for marketeers? Or isn’t it?

The answers I got via my LinkedIn network again shows that we keep our focusgroup in Webanalytics at the Marketing department 😦

So what is it I like to share with you Recruiters? Don’t be a D*m*SS!

Why spend so much money on Online Recruitment, W3Recruitment tools, ATS and whatever,

if you don’t measure what is working well for YOU.

Oke, oke, got a little emotional there. But really I don’t get it.

Why spend hours out here on the web, not knowing if it gives you result.

Often people tell me, well we are out there and we do measure…. We know exactly how much hires we got via this online channel. By the way people only are able to apply via our recruitmentsite… So we know, the numbers are in our ATS (applicant tracking system)….

Simple question, answer will be in your analytics… How many people did want to apply, but did not get through the applicantforms.

Another simple question, how many visitors did you get on your recruitmentsite, and how many of those on your recruitmentsite did actually visit your nr.1 vacancy? Euh, why did they not, and if they did not, what did they do?

In a time where recruitment sources are everywhere, the web 2.0 people keep creating more and more for us to  explore and use. Please do figure out if it works for you or not.

Do it the right way with one of these products: Nedstat, Omniture, Webtrends, etc