Dutch Mobile Recruitment: Hit the ground running

The first Dutch Mobile Recruiting event

In the summer of 2012 we had a dream… that dream becomes truth: 12.12.2012

Working together, no matter what competition there is, Cureka, Intelligence Group, Concepts2Go, Adformatie, Gordon Lokenberg, Cammio, Recruit2, Maddle, USG, Monsterboard and Carerix, make it happen: The first Dutch Mobile Recruiting Event.

Discussing, presenting and showing what is happening out there right NOW in Mobile Recruitment in The Netherlands.

With keynotes and inspiring talks of a.o. Chuck Martin, Chris Hoyt, Brechtje de Leij, Corne Wielemakers and Jorrit Blok.


Linkedin about Mobile Recruiting

Sometimes you find really interesting stuff regarding mobile recruiting on the internet…

Following Mrecruitingcamp in my ongoing hunger for “mobile” content I stumpled upon this presentation given bij Linkedin at #Mrec this year in Atlanta. By the way if you missed that one this year, check out the recordings here at “Livestream”.
Interesting to see is, that we Dutchies are amongst the leading countries in Mobile Recruiting! So all my evangelizing over the past few years seems to work out… 🙂

Backbase starts recruiting via Mobile

Backbase has been named to the Visionary Quadrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, 2011. According to Gartner, “Visionaries in this year’s Magic Quadrant demonstrate a firm grasp of emerging customer needs and the potential impact of new technology.

That is what I like about Backbase, they create new things, being innovative.

At Backbase I am currently recruiting, and one of my extra’s is that I will bring new ways of bringing candidates into the company. New as in, they didn’t do that before. But if it works, get us on there as well.

As the company is visionary, there are open minded too. They do listen when you have a good story.

Well you all know my passion about mobile… And I do support all to be done to get the word out there, “yes, people do use mobile for finding a new job!”

Our current approach with the use of Maddle (Dutch Mobile Advertising Company with focus on Recruiting): is creating vacancies for mobile, we called them maddles.
To get attention offline, we also created QR codes, for the overview page and for the jobs we got in there.

This QR code, to start our Mobile adventure, we placed in our social media profiles as an avatar, you know, Linkedin, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.
Further more we will start the rumble in the groups and communities we think are interested in our jobs. This approach is about advertising using Social and Mobile to reach out. We like to explore the way to move forward.

When you have managed to scan the qr codes you’ll see our set up of the mobile jobs advertisements, powered by Maddle.. And yes we made applying for the jobs easy. Oops, where are the share buttons??? Well, find it out and let me know when you’ve found them.

If you don’t have a QR reader than just type maddle.nl/backbase in your mobile browser.

That’s it for today!

A live gig featuring you?

I am still happy with the fact I went into recruiting, all the fun stuff you may think about… Get involved with… and so on…
Well as of today I am into publishing as well: Magazines, posters, logo’s whatever. As of today I am able to add stuff to the worlds hilarious laughter, but also to the worlds most serious items. … Okay, here it we go,

It’s again all about augmented reality and how this adds value to the recruiting community.

This screencapture I got with one of the latest cool Augmented Reality tools out there #Stiktu, still in beta. But I got the privilege to test it, yay!

You want to see/hear/talk more about this, come and visit mRecruitingcamp too!
Let’s see how we can bring this into the Recruiting space! check out the Stiktu blog in the meanwhile.

Create Augmented Reality experience in Mobile Recruiting

In June 2009 I’ve already mentioned AR should be on the roadmap of every mobile recruiting app.

So far only a few mobile recruiting apps have entered the Augmented Reality space, like Career Builder and CompanySpot .

“The possibilities of augmented reality are limitless, and now all app developers can access Layar’s augmented reality technology for free in their own pre-existing apps. With the Player, developers will be able to add an AR experience for their current users while also expanding their to reach to over a million active users on the Layar platform.”

Recruiters wake up start being creative and make it happen!

Mobile Recruitment… here to stay

2011 is a brand new year,

A lot of things will happen in the recruitment area… We even might be recruiting in outer space because of lack of skilled people on earth…

Recruiting in outer space

What will happen this year is a further expansion in Mobile recruiting.

With the launch of mobile recruiting apps back in 2008, recruiting via Mobile has been evolving. Nowadays a recruiter is not up to date if he has not implemented Mobile in his marketing plans for 2011.

The recruiter has had over 2 years to think of his own mobile strategy..

– Why Mobile
– What is possible on Mobile
– Where to market my mobile recruiting features
– What will happen if we start using mobile recruiting

Of course many different thoughts around this, and also possibilities are limited to the carrier you need to work with in terms of dataplans and other stuff that limit internet usage.

The coolest thing with Mobile is that a recruiter can have his employer brand in their pocket

Worst thing about Mobile
: to start having doubts about it “I worry, will people start using my app?”

Get this clear:
What is your goal in using mobile for recruitment
Are you aiming for direct hires?
Are you building on your brand awareness?
Would you like to keep ‘m up to date on what is happening in your company?
Would you like to let ‘m job snack during travel time?

What technologies can I combine in using Mobile

If you like Text (sms) start with promoting: send #job to 4141 or push jobs
If you like Mobile web: check out on m.ourcompanyjobsite.com
If you like Apps: download coolestjobapp in one of the appstores
If you like QR: post one offline and get them to your job site instantly
If you like NFC: put your jobs in the window and let people that walk by pick ‘m up
If you like Bluetooth: use it on e.g. job fairs
If you like CheckIns: post your job tips in tools like Foursquare
If you like IRL: become mobile yourself and go out and meet people in person
If you like AR: create your brand experience in Layar’s Mobile Augmented Reality
If you like Facetime: think of mobile video
If you like Guerilla: Get out of your seat and make it happen!
If you like Innovation… Mash up… Create something new.. and tell me about it.

If you are thinking mobile recruiting is going nowhere:
do visit www.mRecruitingcamp.com … See you!