SourcingLab with Glenn Gutmacher

Sourcecon 2010 opens with SouceLab, presented by Glenn Gutmacher.

This session start with what are we looking for.
To be clear about what you really are searching for, you start with the inventory stages..
First you want to start a discussion with your hiring manager or client about what you are going to do, what job might be related, what keywords you are able to use, what companies they work, and what companies you can’t approach.

Once you get over this, you decide where to do your search first, and focus on that channel: like online communities, your crm or outlook, databases like google or yahoo.

T!P: to get similar jobtitles, go to whatever jobboard and use the jobtitle you got from the hiring manager, Search for this jobtitle and synonyms will be shown by the jobboard.

More info will follow!

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RCE day 2, Developing Talent Pools Through Online Interaction

During this presentation, by Glenn Gutmacher en myself.

In 45 minutes together we brought the audience things to think about.
We showed great tools for searching people. Techniques that are useful for Employer brand, trust building, and in the end of course volume recruiting.
Companies actively recruiting this way are in different industries, but skewing to finance, high tech and retail.
The message a.o. is
Get your employees involved with socnets and help them (e.g., provide good company-related content; train on best first approaches, which is *not* a job pitch, etc.)

You can get the full presentation by sending us an email: or

RCE day 1, the workshop: building the employer brand

Today day 1 in RCE Global Recruitment Conference 2008, Amsterdam.

The regular things have been taking care of. Coffee, Internet acces, and of course meeting the workshop leaders of today: Kevin Wheeler, Glenn Guttmacher, Sophy Pern.

Other postings you’ll find on:
–Live streaming on ERE
–Blogpostings on (in Dutch)–


The workshop I will be writing about is “Building the employer brand” with Sophy Pern, People in Business

Defining the Employer Brand:
“Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room” a quote by Jeff Bezos, Founder of

Employer Brand management: actively shaping the experience of current and prospective employees.

Employer Branding: long term activity, 3/4 years of building platform and become known and show “them out there” that what you tell them is truth. So you become trusted.

Employer Brand Model:
What is your Core Identity, your corporate brand?
If you have this answer, than translate it to an Employee Value Proposition:
What is your target profile. What is your headline promise? Define attributes, reasons to believe and fine tune all of the above.

HR, Internal Communications, Marketing and Line management are all involved…

To find out about your employer brand, did you check Linkedin, Hyves,, Facebook or other Social Media?

An easy start in thinking over your Employer Branding: keep in mind your customer can be your next employee.

How about Recruitment and Employer Branding?

Brand building Recruitment:
Translate employer brand proposition into a recruitment campaign
dramatize you headline proposition
standing out / cutting through
Manage the recruitment experience!

In the end we have to see what has happened after going through this whole exercise…
The numbers, because that is where the money is. Especially during Economic downturn we need to be on top of this.
We can of course measure the candidate experience, by asking them questions, but also in terms of time to hire, number of direct hires. And currently in this era, we measure engagement and retention.
Hmm, how do we keep our Employer Brand budget alive nowadays..
Adjust your main topic from Attraction to Engagement and Motivation?

It has been an interesting overview in how to build your employer brand.
Sophy thank you.