Copy content, copy blog .. OAO!

This post is about a wonderful new Recruiting Buzzword, The Online Audience Optimization (OAO)

I don’t tend to do this very often, but sometimes, I
Copy the complete content, creating one copy blog.
You might have gotten this content already via the newsletter HireDaily has sent.
If not, check it out, originally all the way from the Unites States of America, written by Ryan Stene, The Arland Group Here we go:

One of the biggest recruiting buzzwords that has dominated our space for the last decade has been a three letter word—search engine optimization (SEO).

[Are you a little bit behind the times? SEO was the art and science of creating web pages that generated traffic and high rankings in the search engines. It relied heavily on links, keywords and site structure.]

If you were a recruiting leader and didn’t have a SEO strategy you were considered behind the times. If you were an earlier adopter, you maybe purchased tools that optimized your job postings or indexed thousands and millions of pages for you to build your own search rankings. Or maybe you stuffed your postings with keywords. It also was something that the job boards lacked, thus resulting in other emerging players to dominate the space.

But then Google and other search engines changed the game by altering the search algorithms and moved to a secure search—meaning that you can no longer obtain keyword data on how people came to your site. So what does that mean? It means SEO is more dead than my Michigan Wolverines’ chances of making it to the Rose Bowl. (I won’t get started on that rant.)

So, who is the next big player to make an appearance? Online Audience Optimization (OAO).

OAO simply is content distribution. It allows companies to leverage their greatest assets—the wealth of high-quality content to create a steady web-wide presence—and to generate consistent new and repeat visitors. OAO uses the best practices of SEO, along with social media, content sharing and branding, to build and elevate loyal and targeted audiences.

I have to give credit to some of the leaders at The Arland Group who have used their crystal ball to see this coming for several years and thus kept TAG in a position to be a leader in this space. On an hourly, daily and weekly basis we are curating high-quality and meaningful content. We then help our employers distribute that content to their audiences through various mediums such as social media, blogs, eNewsletters and building that within the current career site structure. This resulted in more engaged candidates, faster connections and decreasing the time to fill roles.

Thinking about getting started with this strategy?
Here are some things to get you started:

  • Brand Focus – Leverage your brand and existing company tag lines and phases to build meaningful content or themes. Involve other departments to share in the messaging and give it a dual purpose. For example: candidate engagement and driving sales.
  • Be Precise and Have a Plan – Creating a plan and having a content calendar will keep you on track but also can help you leverage internal themes that occur during that time.
  • Cast a Wide Net – Know where you are going to distribute this content. Send it to candidates who have already applied to previous roles, give them option to sign up for the newsletter and use social media. Right now, social media provides one of the clearest connections with high search engine rankings. Build out your presence on social media and content sharing sites, but focus especially on the big five: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Encourage Audience Participation – Use polls, sharing, comments, reader-submitted content and contests to increase interaction. You can measure this by time on your site and bounce rate.
  • Integrate Your Mobile Strategy – It is important to optimize your experience to be both mobile and desktop friendly. Mobile content consumption is the highest platform for consuming content.

FUN FACT: 70 percent of desktop interactions lead to an action within one month and 70 percent of mobile (including tablets) interactions lead to an action within one hour. Source: Modern Marketer Universe

At the end of the day just have fun and learn from your experiences. Every company is different on how audiences engage and interact. The key is to make an effort. The effort will enable to you to reduce costs and rely on vendors to drive and engage your candidates. <<

Well was I right, wasn't this useful content to copy from TAG?


People Sourcing, not about technology and innovation

Sourcing became one of the hot topics over the past few weeks here in my blog.
I mentioned Sourcing is cool, and it is.

In the meanwhile an International People Sourcing Contest took place. The contest was spread all over the web. Guess who won this contest..

The prize I won, enter the course.. no: “I was able to immediately enter the final exam of the CPSP-Level 2”
Easy exam, I hear you thinking, .. took even me roughly a full day of work to answer the 80 questions in there … But now I am officially a Certified People Sourcing Professional Level 2.. How about that

As stated by Irina Shamaeva, Sourcing is about People, not about Technology or Innovation… And so it is, although it made sourcing a lot easier and more efficient…

Since 2007 when I started training recruiters via in what sourcing is about, we were talking about internet search, but as technology moves forward, so does terminology: Internet Search… We stopped searching in the past few years and started finding. More and more information came to the internet and people left their footprint whether they know of it or not. Via scanned newspapers you even know sold his house for what price back in 1993..
We became Cybersleuths, but in the end it is all about Sourcing, the Sourcer… Of course you now start thinking about the sourcerers.. And yes Sourcers do use a little magic… But don’t tell anyone.

To meet the Winner of the “International People Sourcing Contest 2012”: Gordon Lokenberg, you can come and visit one of these events in the Netherlands:

15th of November HRtheNextLevel,
22nd of November TruAmsterdam,
6th of December DWWD, “Stop Searching, Start Finding”

Special thanks to Irina Shamaeva and her team for creating these wonderful challenges!
btw if you like to try the International People Sourcing Contest yourself. Have fun and let me know what you think of it.

Jobs at Distimo

Just the other week I have started recruiting for Distimo, a young and ambitious organization, located in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Mobile Developers, they love it. I will tell you why

Distimo started 3 years ago in measuring what is happening in the App Stores. The mobile application market is growing rapidly, and Distimo is right in the center of it. Watch how many people around you are extensively using mobile applications, and you will quickly understand why this market is very hot. Distimo offers mobile developers a free analytic tool that allows them to track their own and competing applications in all mobile app stores. Distimo also delivers monthly reports for device manufacturers and mobile operators that provide in-depth insight into the market.

You may know I used to work for a company called Nedstat (now ComScore), there we were working on outstanding WEB analytics, so it’s not that weird I ended up here at Distimo, analyzing MOBILE 🙂

Are you passionate about mobile phones, applications and statistics? Do you want to work with and be part of a dynamic, young and driven team? Like to work in the Utrecht? If so, I would love to talk with you, just give me a call on +31642121451

Have a look at the Jobs at Distimo on your mobile, … Of course you can, just do the QR scan:

Source: via Gordon on Pinterest

The Recruiting Engineer

Over the past 3 weeks I have been searching for another cool assignment in the Recruitment area. But finding a contract recruiter assignment is not as easy as it seems nowadays, even if you are experienced and have a large network and on top of the latest technology.
There is a lot of people out there doing something recruitish 🙂
Job titles I stumbled upon while crawling the web for something recruitish are Recruiting Manager, Recruiting Coordinator, Recruiting Program Manager, Recruiting advisor, Recruiting Specialist. And this is sort of what they do:

The recruiting manager is obviously managing the recruitment department
The recruiting coordinator is coordinating admin and scheduling interviews
The recruiting program manager is taking care of the implementation of new recruitment tools
The recruiting advisor is advising hiring managers where to spend their budget on and what kind of hires they should be going for
The recruiting specialist is someone supposed to know everything on this topic

On my way back this afternoon of a meeting, about something recruitish, I thought of yet another job title: The Recruiting Engineer

About The Recruiting Engineer

The recruiting engineer from my point of view should be someone that will find out what the current recruiting efforts are in a company, no matter what the size of the company is. How many recruiters are there, what are they doing, what is the career site like, where is candidate traffic coming from, how do they treat candidates etc. Once the recruiting engineer has the overview, he or she should start visualizing, what could be a better, cheaper, more convenient way to do the job on time against a different budget.

The recruiting engineer is not a full-time live time job in one company.. The recruiting engineer comes in, stays a while, improves the recruiting efforts, and goes out again. The recruiting engineer is not part of the company politics, the recruiting engineer is there to upgrade recruitment without interfering in the internal discussions. The recruiting engineer will enhance the recruiting efforts from each recruiter, will add techniques and tools to the recruitment process when needed and explain the philosophy behind it.

This way the Recruiting manager will have an even better team of recruiters, recruitment specialists, the recruiting coordinator has even more to schedule, the program manager will know why priorities on fast implementations are there, the recruiting advisor can come with even smarter hiring strategies.

I just wanted to blog this, because I am wondering, should this be a role, and should we call it the Recruiting Engineer.

While writing this, my guess the recruiting engineer is someone, who is on top of latest technologies, has serious hands on recruiting experience and brags about it. He or she has seen how recruiters recruit, knows what does or doesn’t work and why. Also should be able to write and give training for smaller and larger group of people. Has something to say on every step of the recruitment process.

… that is it for now.

Cross Border Recruiting – International

International recruitment,

Since 1999 I am recruiting, my first international recruiting experience was when someone came in our office, when I worked at Manpower.. The guy was an American working in Dubai… Well this guy got in and asked me if I had a job for him in Amsterdam. I asked him why Amsterdam, he answered: My girlfriend is Romanian, and Dubai is to far away from Romania for having a LAT affair, I like to live closer by.

I set up an interview for him at a company around the corner in Amsterdam. This interview was with a hiring manager, who was based in the UK. So it was a video based interview….. Yes this story goes all the way back to February 1999 and yes this guy got the job.

Today, Recruiters United organized a seminar in The Hague, the city where the Dutch Parliament is based. Topic of today: International Recruitment.

Recruiting global is something to discuss.

There was an interesting presentation of International Baccalaureate, a company who has just relocated to offices into one, from Switzerland and Ireland to The Hague. Only 30% of there original staff was willing to make the move to the Netherlands… What about that number?!

Recruiting international seems with the current technologies, like Social Media and the access to Google and local, foreign databases, quite an easy job. But please do keep in mind, people must like the idea to leave their roots and the adventure to move.

The figures during the presentation from the Expat Center show us that Indians and US people are the ones that really like the idea of working in the Netherlands.
The figures from Intelligence Group gave us the reason why they like to move.

Seminars like these give you always some food for thought, and interesting insights on Global Talent Acquisition
The reason I went? I recruit from all the continents since 1999. I simply like it. You will always be able to find people that fit your Dutch OR English OR German OR French OR US or whatever culture wherever you dig.

A culture always consists of people… People always have there own. The one that fits your business.

What about hiring in another language?
Relo is just about getting the right people, who want to move forward in their lives, whether it is in love, career, economic situation, or self-being, what does your company stand for? The rest is paperwork….

Vonq, thank you by the way for sponsoring this event 🙂

Work Life balance …. Blurring the boundaries

Enjoying your work makes you wonder, what is a work life balance?
While doing cool things at work and being able to work every where you want to…
It makes you think, am I really blurring the boundaries here? Or is it my life, being in recruitment for 24hrs a day? While enjoying life… besides work as much as I do and should be doing…

I once overheard: “If you found your dream job, you will never ever have to work again”

Being Recruiter, is I think something that comes from within…. Isn’t?