A live gig featuring you?

I am still happy with the fact I went into recruiting, all the fun stuff you may think about… Get involved with… and so on…
Well as of today I am into publishing as well: Magazines, posters, logo’s whatever. As of today I am able to add stuff to the worlds hilarious laughter, but also to the worlds most serious items. … Okay, here it we go,

It’s again all about augmented reality and how this adds value to the recruiting community.

This screencapture I got with one of the latest cool Augmented Reality tools out there #Stiktu, still in beta. But I got the privilege to test it, yay!

You want to see/hear/talk more about this, come and visit mRecruitingcamp too!
Let’s see how we can bring this into the Recruiting space! check out the Stiktu blog in the meanwhile.


Recruiting in mobile augmented reality at Layar, early stage

Engage your AR visitors, get them to play with your brand, your Employer Brand.
Try to get them to different places and gain points of interest.
Let them see what they can make or create or find out for real in Augmented Reality
Get them moving towards your jobs!

Create Augmented Reality experience in Mobile Recruiting

In June 2009 I’ve already mentioned AR should be on the roadmap of every mobile recruiting app.

So far only a few mobile recruiting apps have entered the Augmented Reality space, like Career Builder and CompanySpot .

“The possibilities of augmented reality are limitless, and now all app developers can access Layar’s augmented reality technology for free in their own pre-existing apps. With the Player, developers will be able to add an AR experience for their current users while also expanding their to reach to over a million active users on the Layar platform.”

Recruiters wake up start being creative and make it happen!

Social Media is Retro? Mobile is innovation!

Today, I have been attending #dwwd10, in Dutch: De Wereld Werft Door, in English, The World is always recruiting.

They were not presenting keynotes, nope, they had Talkshows! Nice Format?! At least I like it.
In 10 minutes a few speakers present their case and afterwards the same speakers were put in a panel and we were able to “chat”, Anouschka Laheij has been hosting the talkshow.

Anoushka is a great host!

The talks in one sentence: Social Media is still innovative…. Mobile is still not on the radar and… Social Media was a scary word 2 years ago, now mobile seems to be, let alone Augmented Reality!
Well turn on your translator because here is the overall picture, presented at the dwwd.werf-en.nl