Wonderful time at Layar!

>> A brief personal message to all Layar’s finest 🙂

It has been a great time working for you guys, while being able to double the size of the company.
I really will miss you all! <<

As of this week I will morph into the role of recruiter at Dolby Laboratories,

Recruiting in mobile augmented reality at Layar, early stage

Engage your AR visitors, get them to play with your brand, your Employer Brand.
Try to get them to different places and gain points of interest.
Let them see what they can make or create or find out for real in Augmented Reality
Get them moving towards your jobs!

Create Augmented Reality experience in Mobile Recruiting

In June 2009 I’ve already mentioned AR should be on the roadmap of every mobile recruiting app.

So far only a few mobile recruiting apps have entered the Augmented Reality space, like Career Builder and CompanySpot .

“The possibilities of augmented reality are limitless, and now all app developers can access Layar’s augmented reality technology for free in their own pre-existing apps. With the Player, developers will be able to add an AR experience for their current users while also expanding their to reach to over a million active users on the Layar platform.”

Recruiters wake up start being creative and make it happen!

Recruiting and Layar

The mobile phone
I got this call a few weeks back: “Gordon we would like to hire some more people, what should we do?”
After the following conversation it turned out, that the best thing this company could do is to put a recruiter in place, with a background in IT, Internet and Mobile, taking care of their hiring needs.

What happened
Since I am still Trainer and Speaker on the subject of Mobile and Internet Recruitment and still going strong with my Mobile Recruiting Project called Shake Your Job.

I did find a way to help out this company, consultancy…. Contracting or Interim you could call it as well.

And as of today, for the next few months, I am back in race of finding the best candidate first!

May I present myself: Gordon Lokenberg Recruiter at Layar +31 6 421 21 451

About Layar

Visions become Reality, augmented reality

Still impressed by the wonderfull presentations at Momo#11 about the visions on mobile and the way we move towards an augmented reality. You might have noticed that I currently work on a mobile application called Lokloq to

put your brand in their pocket

as Andrew Grill puts the development on Mobile Marketing in one phrase.

While working on this, I am already thinking of the Lokloq roadmap in development.
And my guess is we should want to integrate something awesome, like Layar.

With Layar, the team of SPRXmobile make the visions of these gentlemen: Alan Moore, Jamais Cascio, Andrew Grill, Joseph Pine II, Howard Rheingold and Robert Rice become the reality of NOW.

Available in the Android Market as of today!