Jobs at Distimo

Just the other week I have started recruiting for Distimo, a young and ambitious organization, located in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Mobile Developers, they love it. I will tell you why

Distimo started 3 years ago in measuring what is happening in the App Stores. The mobile application market is growing rapidly, and Distimo is right in the center of it. Watch how many people around you are extensively using mobile applications, and you will quickly understand why this market is very hot. Distimo offers mobile developers a free analytic tool that allows them to track their own and competing applications in all mobile app stores. Distimo also delivers monthly reports for device manufacturers and mobile operators that provide in-depth insight into the market.

You may know I used to work for a company called Nedstat (now ComScore), there we were working on outstanding WEB analytics, so it’s not that weird I ended up here at Distimo, analyzing MOBILE 🙂

Are you passionate about mobile phones, applications and statistics? Do you want to work with and be part of a dynamic, young and driven team? Like to work in the Utrecht? If so, I would love to talk with you, just give me a call on +31642121451

Have a look at the Jobs at Distimo on your mobile, … Of course you can, just do the QR scan:

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Backbase starts recruiting via Mobile

Backbase has been named to the Visionary Quadrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, 2011. According to Gartner, “Visionaries in this year’s Magic Quadrant demonstrate a firm grasp of emerging customer needs and the potential impact of new technology.

That is what I like about Backbase, they create new things, being innovative.

At Backbase I am currently recruiting, and one of my extra’s is that I will bring new ways of bringing candidates into the company. New as in, they didn’t do that before. But if it works, get us on there as well.

As the company is visionary, there are open minded too. They do listen when you have a good story.

Well you all know my passion about mobile… And I do support all to be done to get the word out there, “yes, people do use mobile for finding a new job!”

Our current approach with the use of Maddle (Dutch Mobile Advertising Company with focus on Recruiting): is creating vacancies for mobile, we called them maddles.
To get attention offline, we also created QR codes, for the overview page and for the jobs we got in there.

This QR code, to start our Mobile adventure, we placed in our social media profiles as an avatar, you know, Linkedin, Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.
Further more we will start the rumble in the groups and communities we think are interested in our jobs. This approach is about advertising using Social and Mobile to reach out. We like to explore the way to move forward.

When you have managed to scan the qr codes you’ll see our set up of the mobile jobs advertisements, powered by Maddle.. And yes we made applying for the jobs easy. Oops, where are the share buttons??? Well, find it out and let me know when you’ve found them.

If you don’t have a QR reader than just type in your mobile browser.

That’s it for today!

Social Media is Retro? Mobile is innovation!

Today, I have been attending #dwwd10, in Dutch: De Wereld Werft Door, in English, The World is always recruiting.

They were not presenting keynotes, nope, they had Talkshows! Nice Format?! At least I like it.
In 10 minutes a few speakers present their case and afterwards the same speakers were put in a panel and we were able to “chat”, Anouschka Laheij has been hosting the talkshow.

Anoushka is a great host!

The talks in one sentence: Social Media is still innovative…. Mobile is still not on the radar and… Social Media was a scary word 2 years ago, now mobile seems to be, let alone Augmented Reality!
Well turn on your translator because here is the overall picture, presented at the

Recruiting and Layar

The mobile phone
I got this call a few weeks back: “Gordon we would like to hire some more people, what should we do?”
After the following conversation it turned out, that the best thing this company could do is to put a recruiter in place, with a background in IT, Internet and Mobile, taking care of their hiring needs.

What happened
Since I am still Trainer and Speaker on the subject of Mobile and Internet Recruitment and still going strong with my Mobile Recruiting Project called Shake Your Job.

I did find a way to help out this company, consultancy…. Contracting or Interim you could call it as well.

And as of today, for the next few months, I am back in race of finding the best candidate first!

May I present myself: Gordon Lokenberg Recruiter at Layar +31 6 421 21 451

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