Vote for me! Most Influential Recruiter 2015

The other day  Glenn Gutmacher asked me to translate the official Voting site for all my friends outside of the Netherlands 🙂

Well there is a tool for that… Currently a voting contest is going on to become the Most Influential Recruiter 2015 in the Netherlands, actually the contest is how to get as many votes as possible, once you have been nominated… So yes… They pushed me to win this contest… To win, I need your votes… I could win the overall competition and also in the Agency category… Although People Sourcing Crew is a different breed among the agencies. I hope you feel like to contribute to this weird competition by voting for Gordon Lokenberg and make me win the award!

Here we have the voting site in English

If that doesn’t work for you, try the original (Dutch) link.…

This why I got nominated: (Dutch) “Er zijn weinig sourcende recruiters die niet ooit een sourcing workshop of training van Gordon hebben gevolgd. Hij weet al jarenlang alle tips en trucs die er ook maar zijn om iemand online te vinden uit te vogelen en over te brengen. Zijn grootste probleem is misschien zelfs dat hij lastige materie er te makkelijk uit laat zien. Door de organisatie van (12! edities van) TruAmsterdam zorgt hij er twee keer per jaar voor dat iedereen die hart voor het prachtige recruitment vak heeft kennis kan delen, kan netwerken en het vakgebied professioneler is geworden: dat kun je met recht Invloedrijke recruiter noemen. Ten slotte is hij in een jaar tijd van een eenmansoperatie gegroeid naar een volwassen sourcing bedrijf met twaalf collega’s van uiteenlopende achtergronden. Ik denk dat hij zichzelf nog het meest verbaast door te laten zien dat hij een goede manager is, die z’n collega’s vertrouwen geeft en tot hecht team laat groeien.”

PS…… Sorry for the spam, it kills my reputation… But I would love to have your vote 🙂 kind a like: Okay, let’s get this one in.


Patrick , Thank you for the nomination! Next time you go after the votes 🙂

You might want to call ‘m on mobile!

Talking Mobile and Recruiting here,

This week I started reading the Tomi T Ahonen Almanac 2010

And wow, that is good reading.

In the almanac Tomi Ahonen starts with the numbers and they are massive:

4.6 billion subscribers on mobile versus approx 1.2 billion landlines…
All the stats on mobile are climbing year over year for the past 10 years.

And if you compare these figures with like people that have internet acces via PC or with cars on the road or people with a backaccount, or tv sets out there, the numbers according to mobile usage still win..

So mobile is here to stay or not? Thought you might say yes to that one. But what do all these numbers actually tell us.

Well they do tell us that half of the world population is near a mobile phone and able to pick it up when it rings or bleeps.

Back to basics in recruiting

So if you are into recruiting and thinking Recruitment went “mobile” and into social networks and stuff, like I usually write about on this blog. You also see you are still able to pick up the phone and just call somebody as ask him to work at your company.

An example where you might integrate your social media search into recruitment calls here is an opening you might want to use, I heard it yesterday and I like it, soooo easy:

“Hi I found your profile on Facebook and I was wondering if it could be possible to call somebody I found on the internet and actually get him on the phone!… Well it seems to work….”

Oh uhm, they might hang up on you as well of course.
Good luck!

Starbucks Case in using Social Media for Recruitment

During the ERE Expo in San Diego, I was fortuned to see one of the better told stories on Recruitment via Social Media. Kat Drum at full power showed us their business case: Starbucks “Using Social Media to Attract & Engage Passive Candidates”

>>by ERE<<
Starbucks is one of the most prolific users of social media. You’ll find out how the employer brand and sourcing teams partner to take advantage of the largest consumer fan base on Facebook and all their Twitter followers. Learn how the employment brand and consumer brands work together to attract and engage passive candidates. Find out the results of Starbucks sourcers and recruiters using widgets and a powerful CRM tool and finally, find out how the company decides where to spend recruitment advertising dollars, and how it measures results.

or watch this video on Starbucks at ERE expo

Now, you might want to follow @starbucksjobs

In the mean time I’ll get another Starbucks 🙂

Social Media Circus #TruLondon

Today the real unconference has started… Matt Alder, Paul Harrison, Jim Stroud are on stage discussing the Social media circus.

About using video
It doesn’t need to be a Hollywood style video….
Using video to attract candidates gives an overview of where they are going to work.
Keep it simple like this one
Paul Harrison comes up with the Jobstory: put that on film
Question from the audience, comments are enabled in video? Yes of course, keep up the interaction

Using Social media for recruitment, again here is the question.. What is ROI? Start measuring, start analyzing, than you can start fishing were the fish are!

still checking if the conversation is on video 🙂

No one is impossible to find, because they always interact #trusourse

ISpy Search and Social Media services in Langley street, London (What’s in a name), are hosting todays Sourcing Track.
Geoff Web, Jim Stroud, Marie Journey, Irina Shamaeva and Katharine Robinson are going strong today, showing the cool stuff on searching for candidates on the web.

Posted using

Discussing Sourcing some top examples came up:

Like in the States, Churches have jobsections on their religious website or sites like these,

What kind of intel are you able to get from jobboards?
Think of: delivering company names, jobtitles, related or prior jobtitles. Think of references on resumes, valuable for your next call, get in touch with the referral.

No one is impossible to find, because they always interact. by Marie Journey

Searching international; get in touch with Expat communities, embassies or Chamber of commerce.
Searching for MCSE people? Get this one, search for images of MCSE or type mcse.gif in Google. If you click the images, you will probably open a cv… People don’t have the habbit of changing the imagetitle.

Did you know Google only lets you use 32 keywords only per search?

How to on: Finding phone numbers
Try sites like,,,, oh sorry new name = Intellius, also you might want to use for the Dutch market

How to saving time in sourcing Seachengines:

Quick Social Recruitment Strategy by Geoff Web:
Create your own Landingpage, fill it with interesting topics for your targeted audience and redirect them via Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Myspace, let them fill in a quick sign up… and they are hooked, you start fishing. Add to your redirecting strategy: Mobile! yes, as in sending textmessage other cool stuff, but Videosites as well.

Twitter in Recruitment, the coolest topic of this era

I wrote about this several times before, but still there are new ways of besides this way of working with Twitter.
Like just follow #, hashkeys, #trulondon e.g. to stay updated on what we are doing in London today.
Checkout, hashkeytrends to see what is hot on twitter now, or use peoplebrowsr

Quick Sourcing Strategy by Katharine Robinson
Decide what are you looking for? What keywords will I use in my search? Where does my targeted audience hangout? What will I search a profile, a source, …? If you’ve got this than you start sourcing using boolean techniques…

Also try searches in,,, or e.g. like this on

Make your inventory of hangouts
Visit sites like,, or this semantic search engine KNGINE

Does all this sounds like Headhunting to you? Does it, I like to call it Proactive Recruitment 🙂

come and join if you want to be on topic!

Commercial dropping:
For training on Sourcing in the Netherlands, you can always give me a call +31 6 42121451 or visit and register for ISP, Internet Search for Professionals.

… more to come
Thanks Marie, Jim, Irina, Katherine and Geoff!