You might want to call ‘m on mobile!

Talking Mobile and Recruiting here,

This week I started reading the Tomi T Ahonen Almanac 2010

And wow, that is good reading.

In the almanac Tomi Ahonen starts with the numbers and they are massive:

4.6 billion subscribers on mobile versus approx 1.2 billion landlines…
All the stats on mobile are climbing year over year for the past 10 years.

And if you compare these figures with like people that have internet acces via PC or with cars on the road or people with a backaccount, or tv sets out there, the numbers according to mobile usage still win..

So mobile is here to stay or not? Thought you might say yes to that one. But what do all these numbers actually tell us.

Well they do tell us that half of the world population is near a mobile phone and able to pick it up when it rings or bleeps.

Back to basics in recruiting

So if you are into recruiting and thinking Recruitment went “mobile” and into social networks and stuff, like I usually write about on this blog. You also see you are still able to pick up the phone and just call somebody as ask him to work at your company.

An example where you might integrate your social media search into recruitment calls here is an opening you might want to use, I heard it yesterday and I like it, soooo easy:

“Hi I found your profile on Facebook and I was wondering if it could be possible to call somebody I found on the internet and actually get him on the phone!… Well it seems to work….”

Oh uhm, they might hang up on you as well of course.
Good luck!


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