Succesvol Werven = Successful Recruitment via Internet, Rotterdam, March 25

On Thursday, March 25, 2010 in the Hulstkamp building in Rotterdam the Seminar Successful Recruitment via Internet will be held for the sixth time. The event has become the largest and most prominent event in the Netherlands in the field of online employment market and recruitment. With fascinating speakers about the latest developments in online recruiting.

#swvi Recruitment via internet better be good!

What will be special about the line up this year, is the speaker from Nedstat presenting web analytics to the audience and how to run your online RECRUITMENT campaigns in a more effective way, we did not have that before anywhere, did we?

Looking forward to 25th. In the meantime follow #swvi for latest updates on the event.

Roadmap to Online Recruitment Succes

In the following presentation I wrote down the first steps a recruiter could take for successful internet recruiting.

Examples of each step to take, I did not put in there. There are everywhere already. If you’d like to see those as well, let me know.

Web Analytics and how Recruiters can benefit

What are you doing?
If you want quality improvement in your online recruitment.

Of course this topic is about Recruitment, I will just be highlighting some marketing aspects of this profession, discussing Web Analytics and how Recruiters can benefit.

Web Analytics is the study of online behavior in order to improve it.
(More here

Using Web Analytics we create awareness for ourselves on how candidates surf our site.

Web Analytics software is able to tell us where candidates come from, how they navigate through out site before applying for the job. Also Web Analytics software is telling us where candidates exit our site… that of course we don’t like.

How can we apply this Web Analytics knowledge to our Recruitment strategy?

Check this: Accountability and Create checkpoints
E.g. What money did I spend on traffic generation? And what is the ROI in: number of visitors, most valuable channel, conversion in applications.

If you already use an Applicant track and trace system, integrate your Web Analytics software with your ATS, this way you’ll get the best picture of your efforts out there. Note, be sure you use same Web Analytics software on your career site as you use on your company site.

Since we get a clearer picture of what we do and what they, the candidates, are doing with our online presence, we are able to move forward.

Now that we know what we spend, what quality and in what quantity each channel is able to bring us. We can build a roadmap for each and every job.

We are able to improve quality of our online recruitment.

Want to learn more on this topic?

Why use a tiny URL?

URLs are nowadays crucial for Recruitment.

The URL is the place where you offer your Apply NOW button, where you tell your audience how good and successful you already are, and will become better if YOU join us…url-uniform-resource-locator

All the activities online are to create the best traffic to your URL, your site, your landing page.

So why take the chance people don’t get the message?

Often the message you like to leave in Forums or Blog comments or other types of Social networking sites is too long….
Long URL often break in e-mails and than this happens:

You can create shorter URLs that do not break in e-mails and are short enough to use in web 2.0 platforms via these tools: since 1999

Even some of these tools, do come with free statistics of the usage of the URL you created… Why bother? This way you can use different short URLs in different comments and check what comment brought you the most.
Well if you want to know more about analytics and how to use them in recruitment check out:

Enjoy your traffic!

RCE Global Recruitment Conference, Amsterdam 2008

Register today, and meet the challenges of recruiting in 2008 and beyond head-on! It takes just a few simple steps to pre-register for Global Recruitment Conference 2008. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind global recruiting event!

Sometimes of course advertisement is inevitable, especially when you want an event to become even better than the one last year.

    The recruiting conference that networks the world of recruitment to share best practices.
    Amsterdam, November 12th and 13th

Recruitment Community Europe announces the 4th annual Global Recruitment Conference being held in Amsterdam for the 3rd consecutive year. GRC 2008 is building on the success of the ERE Global Recruitment Expo events held in Brussels and Amsterdam the past 3 years which have attracted over 500 delegates from 40 countries and hundreds of leading organizations in Europe, Asia and North America.

Having been deeply involved in helping shape and manage the ERE Expos, Alan Whitford and Keith Robinson have launched a dedicated European focused Recruitment Community. In doing this they have also taken on responsibility for the Keynote Recruitment event, rebadged as Global Recruitment Conference 2008.
Global Recruitment Conference 2008

Having had a look at the agenda, I know from recent experience that this Global Recruitment Conference 2008, will be great and very useful for those who did not make it to ERE Expo last week in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

See you all next week in Amsterdam!? Keep reading I will be blogging about this event next week.

Recruiting Excellence, Brussels Day 2

The international conference Recruiting Excellence has ended a week ago now. So it seems time to tell you about the final day of the conference.

Today started with a splendid overview on how numbers can work in Global recruitment at Shell, by Chris Goscomb. Knowing exactly what universities are able to let go each year in what part of the world, knowing how many people are able to perform in your market and knowing where they come from gives you ammunition to headhunt.

The next speaker, Karl Franzmann, recently changed to Pimco, brought us all back to school, discussing the input for the good working international graduate recruitment strategy at Renaissance Capital, in the emerging markets.

Followed by Proctor&Gamble and how they grow their own people from within. Graduate recruitment at P&G is second nature. Some very nice examples were given by Signe Svensson.

Lunch and 2nd day of conference means “Graveyard session”. Luckily KPMG was next with Ruth Stokes and Sara Reading… No graveyard session at all! In a very energetic performance they brought us all pro and contra from the last the generations at work, the Babyboomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Always are very interesting topic,

although is this Gen thing not only for the spoiled Western World? Do Emerging market experience this in the same way?

Discussing the Employer Brand development at ING was a very interesting journey through the philosophy of ING management behind Employer Branding. Unfortunately there has been used lots of one way communication. But no worries, they are still working on it.
Chris Kersbergen, ING Group, ended today session with a very good question:

Where to cut cost in your organization, during crisis, and how to make sure it won’t be Labourmarket communication!

If you have any comment on this, let me know.

After a big hand for the organization Jacob Flemming, represented by Petra Konova and Inna Semiglaz.

Peer and I enjoyed our dinner in Brussels and felt good about the past 3 days chairing the conference were we got some nice fresh new insights in various HR and Recruitment topics and how they are experienced in the emerging markets.

Next Recruiting Excellence will be in Spring 2009, Prague.