Sourcing is cool

One of the slides I will be using in the presentations / workshops about Candidate Sourcing upcoming fall.

Things I like to do during spotlight time is get you to think about some cool tricks there are in “candidate sourcing” and to help you out in finding what you think you can’t find.

If you like to know more about sourcing, come and meet me and learn more about why Sourcing is Cool at

#MCR12, 4th of October
#TruLondon, 22nd of October get-together with Glenn Cathy, Irina Shamaeva, Martin Lee, Oscar Mager and others *WOOOT*
#HRTNL12, 15th of November
#TruAmsterdam, 22nd of November
#DWWD12, 6th of December

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Sourcing candidates via the web

Here a short video on Sourcing candidates in some of the search engines

This video shows what kind of results the different search engines may give you while searching for a Java Developer.


If you like to see more on this topic, ask me +316 421 21 451

ERE 2008, Workshop Master Level Sourcing

Workshop by Shally Steckerl and Glenn Gutmacher about Sourcing on the Master Level.

In the morning session we saw what is possible if you like to search on Google and others for resumes.

This session is really about what else is out there to do…

I am not going to reveal all this in todays posting, there is a lot written on this already. But having a training about this is really the only way to get it.

Glenn and Shally have done an awesome research on all different commands, searchstrategies and “this”-searchengine only commands. 

It is really like a jam session with all these commands to check out best results.

I like that.

To see how we are doing out here, I got this photo from