No one is impossible to find, because they always interact #trusourse

ISpy Search and Social Media services in Langley street, London (What’s in a name), are hosting todays Sourcing Track.
Geoff Web, Jim Stroud, Marie Journey, Irina Shamaeva and Katharine Robinson are going strong today, showing the cool stuff on searching for candidates on the web.

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Discussing Sourcing some top examples came up:

Like in the States, Churches have jobsections on their religious website or sites like these,

What kind of intel are you able to get from jobboards?
Think of: delivering company names, jobtitles, related or prior jobtitles. Think of references on resumes, valuable for your next call, get in touch with the referral.

No one is impossible to find, because they always interact. by Marie Journey

Searching international; get in touch with Expat communities, embassies or Chamber of commerce.
Searching for MCSE people? Get this one, search for images of MCSE or type mcse.gif in Google. If you click the images, you will probably open a cv… People don’t have the habbit of changing the imagetitle.

Did you know Google only lets you use 32 keywords only per search?

How to on: Finding phone numbers
Try sites like,,,, oh sorry new name = Intellius, also you might want to use for the Dutch market

How to saving time in sourcing Seachengines:

Quick Social Recruitment Strategy by Geoff Web:
Create your own Landingpage, fill it with interesting topics for your targeted audience and redirect them via Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Myspace, let them fill in a quick sign up… and they are hooked, you start fishing. Add to your redirecting strategy: Mobile! yes, as in sending textmessage other cool stuff, but Videosites as well.

Twitter in Recruitment, the coolest topic of this era

I wrote about this several times before, but still there are new ways of besides this way of working with Twitter.
Like just follow #, hashkeys, #trulondon e.g. to stay updated on what we are doing in London today.
Checkout, hashkeytrends to see what is hot on twitter now, or use peoplebrowsr

Quick Sourcing Strategy by Katharine Robinson
Decide what are you looking for? What keywords will I use in my search? Where does my targeted audience hangout? What will I search a profile, a source, …? If you’ve got this than you start sourcing using boolean techniques…

Also try searches in,,, or e.g. like this on

Make your inventory of hangouts
Visit sites like,, or this semantic search engine KNGINE

Does all this sounds like Headhunting to you? Does it, I like to call it Proactive Recruitment 🙂

come and join if you want to be on topic!

Commercial dropping:
For training on Sourcing in the Netherlands, you can always give me a call +31 6 42121451 or visit and register for ISP, Internet Search for Professionals.

… more to come
Thanks Marie, Jim, Irina, Katherine and Geoff!


Twitter and other Social- 2.0- recruitment

Since I joined Twitter, 1,5yr ago, a lot of Q&A stuff on recruitment I received in my Twitter account.
Tweets like this one:

Or this one:

Today I got another tweet about Recruitment: for the Tourism Queensland, Australia

The best job ever is presented here, 34K applicants!!! (on Feb 24)

It shows the power of 2.0 recruitment. It shows the interactions, you can rate the applicant; it shows the power of a viral marketing campaign; it shows how video recruitment can be done. It also shows the power of mashup of techniques and technologies.


And yes, bloggers write about it.