Roadmap to Online Recruitment Succes

In the following presentation I wrote down the first steps a recruiter could take for successful internet recruiting.

Examples of each step to take, I did not put in there. There are everywhere already. If you’d like to see those as well, let me know.

Mobile and Recruitment Part II “Interact”

When I wrote a blog about Mobile and Recruitment Part I, obviously I was thinking of part II already.

Most of us come up with ideas on using SMS as you saw in my earlier post about this subject.

I do think SMS is still a very powerfull item in Mobile and Recruitment. It’s easy set up, clear and understandable for most of us out there.

But living in a 2.0 world where people like to interact in a different way.

I gathered this answers provided by some other creative Linkedin connections:

1. Rather than the traditional method of connecting by someone sending a resume to you, have them text through a .mobi address the answers to interview questions while they commute to the job that they hate – all in lost commuter time.

2. Social networking will become more ‘real life’, your mobile phone will show who are working at the company you are passing by, which coworkers are having a drink in that bar, etc.. Imagine LinkedIn with the ability to see who is where (if they wanna share).

3. One of the very promising streams is using PC2MOBILE technologies, where recruiter can conduct remote, visual and on-line interview with an applicant, using simple PC and WEBcam, while the applicant is using his 3G mobile phone and it’s camera which allows him to be interviewed from any location with 3G mobile access.

4. Part time actors can sign up for “casting calls” that fit their profile. They can get a text alert with a speed dial and location for the casting call. Soon these SMS alerts will include a mobile web link with more information about the position.

5. Recruiters can have recorded Caller Tunes which mention concise information on the openings in their Company. For ex. – is hiring software professionals with expertise in X. For further details visit www…..

There is a future for Mobile and Recruitment

Mobile and Recruitment Part I, “Think Print”

Visiting Mobile Monday in Amsterdam, MOMO, being a Recruiter… Means actually NOT that I am hunting for Mobile freaks who are able to apply the mobile technology and possibly could fullfill a job in some massive Telco company….

No, I go there to see what kind of possibilities MOBILE could create for Recruitment.

What do you think, how is MOBILE going to be used in Recruitment.

Will it only be, just another channel to advertise our jobs, or….

Here is a summary of options provided by some Linkedin connections:

  1. Just SMS the Jobdescription and percentage hike and leave it to them to follow up on the offer! Or send a message with the text JOB345 to our short-code and one of our recruiters will get in touch with you. Simple but effective.
  2. Send messages through Bluetooth in the surrounding of an event.
  3. Because of the mobile internet job seekers can also subscribe on a vacancy alert, and give a call directly if they are interested.
  4. LBS, could be an interesting way to use recruiting in a variety of settings ranging from a conference event to on-campus recruiting and/or even when someone is (literally) driving by a respective companies’ location; targeted posts could be sent out based on profile preferences.
  5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could carry your business card or resume in your phone and and automatically send it to another person using NFC technology. From a recruiters perspective, If you could send your business card or a job description using this technology to someone you meet at a career fair or conference; this would be very helpful. Once you receive someone’s business card or resume, the information would be added to your phone’s contact list and using the same NFC technology you could print out the resume when you get back to the office or email it to your email account.

I am curious if you’ve got some other “Think Print” ideas.