Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies, 24th of October

Masterclass online recruitment

Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies

Would you like to reduce your time-to-hire and learn how to spend your online budget in the most effective way? Do you want to improve your online ROI and find out why certain targets are not reached? In a master class by Gordon Lokenberg, interim recruitment specialist, you will find answers to all these questions.

Date and location
Friday 24 Oct – 09.30 until 17.00, Webster University, Boommarkt 1, Leiden.


* How to create an online Talent Acquisition Strategy
* How to make your online recruitment budget cost effective
* How to align your organisation with your online Talent Acquisition Strategy

The master class is organised together with Nedstat, PeopleXS and Webster University and will offer an out-of-the-box view on how to plan your strategy and get an in-depth insight into your online activities. The master class will provide you with a clear view of what online channels are most effective for your organisation.

€ 995 per participant excl. VAT. Lunch is included.

The one-day master class will take place on the 24th of Oktober in Leiden. Subscribe now for the master class online recruitment! If you register before Oktober 1st you will receive 20% discount.

For more information, please contact us at +31 20 51 95 464.


Disruptive Talent Acquistion Strategies

The past nearly 2 years I have been telling the world, there is more than spending money in Online Recruitment. You can also save your money.

The “how to” is easy, by not doing anything online.

But for those who would like to be successful in their Online presence, be successful in Online Recruitment, they will have to know what is happening out there. In my earlier post I was a bit emotional about that.

Now, Gordon Lokenberg has put together a Masterclass, in cooperation with Nedstat, PeopleXS and Webster University on:

• How to craft a web Talent Acquisition Strategy
• Is your online recruitment budget well spend?
• How to align your organization with Talent Acquisition Strategy

This Masterclass, of course, will be in English, will be in Leiden Autumn 2008

Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies, should be in the portfolio of each and every one responsible for HR and/or and Recruitment Management. So be there…

More info on this topic will follow, in the mean time, call me, Gordon Lokenberg, if you have any questions, or you would like to attend: +31 6 421 21 451