ERE Webinar “Think Web, Act Mobile”

Enclosed the full recording of my first webinar for, sponsored by The Ladders
It was well attended by over a 100 people from several parts of the world.

Presenting on what kind of mobile technologies could be useful for mobile recruiting and questions like how to do proper metrics on mobile recruiting and what keywords to use in creating mobile recruiting apps, I think we have discussed a lot.

If you missed it, check it out: Think Web, Act Mobile


“Think web, Act mobile” recruiting in the new era

In 1915, a Scots town planner has been the one that pronounced the famous words Think Global, Act Local.

He couldn’t have known that that would be the famous line for every CEO in the years after.

Think web Act mobile
Is the title of the webinar on June 8th 2011, 2.00 PM ET,
(20.00hrs Amsterdam Time)

In this webinar Gordon Lokenberg will present you his thoughts on Think web, Act mobile: recruiting in the new era

  • What is mobile recruiting
  • How can we use mobile technology
  • But I still don’t have a smartphone
  • How to integrate mobile recruiting
  • What is currently the mobile future for our company

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Starbucks Case in using Social Media for Recruitment

During the ERE Expo in San Diego, I was fortuned to see one of the better told stories on Recruitment via Social Media. Kat Drum at full power showed us their business case: Starbucks “Using Social Media to Attract & Engage Passive Candidates”

>>by ERE<<
Starbucks is one of the most prolific users of social media. You’ll find out how the employer brand and sourcing teams partner to take advantage of the largest consumer fan base on Facebook and all their Twitter followers. Learn how the employment brand and consumer brands work together to attract and engage passive candidates. Find out the results of Starbucks sourcers and recruiters using widgets and a powerful CRM tool and finally, find out how the company decides where to spend recruitment advertising dollars, and how it measures results.

or watch this video on Starbucks at ERE expo

Now, you might want to follow @starbucksjobs

In the mean time I’ll get another Starbucks 🙂

Terri Coligan and Gail Houston about Recruiting and Social Media

Earlier today Terri Coligan and Gail Houston presented us the INTUIT way of working the Social Media Madness.

My thoughts on online recruitment are close to what they have done the past period online. I like that 🙂
Though they are still in “beta” all the pilots they do start to bring them good revenue. Succes is there.

ps… they haven’t worked out the slideshare possibilities yet for this presentation..= thanks Brandon

SourcingLab with Glenn Gutmacher

Sourcecon 2010 opens with SouceLab, presented by Glenn Gutmacher.

This session start with what are we looking for.
To be clear about what you really are searching for, you start with the inventory stages..
First you want to start a discussion with your hiring manager or client about what you are going to do, what job might be related, what keywords you are able to use, what companies they work, and what companies you can’t approach.

Once you get over this, you decide where to do your search first, and focus on that channel: like online communities, your crm or outlook, databases like google or yahoo.

T!P: to get similar jobtitles, go to whatever jobboard and use the jobtitle you got from the hiring manager, Search for this jobtitle and synonyms will be shown by the jobboard.

More info will follow!

Check out twitter too: #sourcecon

ERE 2008, The future of recruiting is in the cloud

What happened today?

Jason Warner, Conference Chair, opened with an overview of Time Magazine frontpages over the years, all spot on what is happening today in World economy. 

Jan Hopkins, first keynote speaker discussed what does economy do with us and what is hapening in recruitment. The example like not being able to relocate, because you can’t sell your house, there are no buyers and so on. Very interesting overview, with all the things happening out there.

Kevin Wheeler, gave an insight in the global recruitment issues. One thing for sure, in recruitment we need to go more global! And of course train our labourmarket. Shortage on skills will keep on growing. In two weeks I will meet Kevin Wheeler again in Amsterdam at the Global Recruitment conference. I will go on blogging about this topic than. It is very on topic and part of your Recruitment Focus.

About the FUTURE… 

Michael Marlatt is an Evangelist, actually what I do, he does in English, and is even more throwing sites to you to use than I ever did. He is good!
His presentation was about how to use the web as being a recruiter. Today a lot of tools and techniques are being showed to us. And the question is what do we, THE recruiters, do with it.

His opinion about this is focus and get SMART,

Synchronize, Mobilize, Appropriately equiped, RSS enabled, Tuned in.

Being Smart means move on, technology does, why don’t you? So you used to have all your docs etc., on your desktop, than you moved it all to your laptop, now use your webtop!

Get your gear into the CLOUD, by using all the webapps that are easy to use for you
I am not going to name all the sites he mentioned, to many 🙂

But here are some good ones to start with: 

It has been a wonderfull day again #ERE Expo

ERE 2008, Workshop Passive Candidates for Busy Recruiters

Today we, 5 members of the RecruitersGuild from Holland, entered the ERE Fall Expo 2008.
Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Alfons Boltjes, Peer Goudsmit, Marko Hol and me. 

Now we are at the Workshop by Shally Steckerl and Glenn Gutmacher about how to empty the searchengines on resumes.

The presentation is very powerfull, 39 attendees are in here. 

The first part is about Recruiting Technology and what is out there. Now we are in the part of differences amongst results in searchengines, using

Now working on the example: SAP FICO profile.

Step 1: where do we find these vacancies, which part of the country.
This means, where there is a demand there are people as well.

Step 2: what kind of keywords are being used in the vacancies
They will appear in resumes… Check out for more keywords, close to the ones you already have.

Step 3: think of what people write down in the resume…
Of course not all the tricks will be in this blog, but try

Step 4: Use the searchtips,, get specific and break it down to approx. 250 results.
Easy for you scrolling result by change number of results per page to a 100. 

Awesome just received a Cheatsheet for Recruiters!
By the way the asteriks in Google is a word place holder. try: “senior * manager” yahoo

Step 5: Checkout website patterns to refine your search. 

Nice to know only 1 filetype per search in and more per search on

Okay, here we come to search on Social networking sites. To start with Linkedin, and of course the all work more or less the same. This network is still growing, over 34mln users total, growing 300K new users each WEEK. More about Linkedin on

Searching on Social Network sites is of course possible via Searchengines, but nowadays a lot of social networks, and especially “social/ business networks” do have good search facilities. Use them.

Wrap up: go out there and enjoy