Is it mobile recruitment or mobile marketing?

Today after finishing and uploading this presentation on Slideshare, I was wondering should I rather be talking about Mobile Marketing or Mobile Recruitment.

Well anyway we are on mobile here. In the recruiting part of Recruitment we are discussing more and more marketing as in Recruiting is marketing. And yes I do agree on that part.. Though the selection part of Recruitment stays a more psychology kind of thing…


My first Shake Your Job on Ipad experience

Today I was invited to experience the Ipad in Amsterdam, of course I couldn’t say no to the invitation.

So I went to Amsterdam City center to meet @boris, @patrick @vincente @nalden @tessas @renn @tonie and many other Ipad touchers 🙂 to experience the beauty of new technology.

short video by @vincente

And most important mission of this morning was to see if Shake Your Job was running smoothly on the IPad.


Although getting an Ipad in your pocket needs Ipad fashionstyle

NOTE: to Shake Your Job with an Ipad you need both hands to hold the Ipad!

#thenextspeaker and #thenextweb thanks for the invite!

Your Mobile Resume and Shake Your Job

Since the launch of Shake Your Job in de AppStore a week ago, we are on air.

“Did you know: All your resume profiles can me made “shakeyourjob” proof via

– Updates
Continuously optimizing the app.
Location based services are getting more accurate every day now.
The first database has been connected
Data is finding its place in the app
Version 1.1 is live
Also version 1.2 has been send to the AppStore and will be available any day now.

First Database
The first jobdatabase a.k.a. “source” available in Shake Your Job is Deloitte. You’ll be able to find it in your Settings.

First White label app
The first corporate that has their own iPhone application based on “shake your job” technology is Deloitte.
The launch of Deloitte Jobs was Februari 9th 2010.

As always new technology gets lots of attention and bugs are being put under the microscope, that’s live, that is how we keep on moving forwards.

To make sure you are going to embrace the next level of finding jobs and being able to apply wherever, whenever, we keep you posted on our updates via this blog and via @lokloq on twitter.

Did you know: All sources connected to “shake your job” technology are available in every “shake your job” application?

If you have any questions regarding this post: or +31 6 42121451

Mobile job searching… on the go!

When I first started creating my own “white label” mobile recruitment application for the mobile phone, I knew only 5 or 6 apps that were out there.

Last week I spent one and half hour of downloading job apps from the AppStore, I got these 48 apps.

The nicest one from the selection above, is the app. It’s database is Twitter only, I like that.

In case you might miss one? Let me know and yes I haven’t got the Shake Your Job app in picture above, because it is of course on a special place in my own iPhone:

Upcoming week I will check the other appstores on job apps.

Recruitment anno 2012

Knowing this can be our future, what do recruiters need to know nowadays?

If you like to know what recruitment might be like in within the next 3 years, and you do understand Dutch, here is what is you might expect, according to Bas Westland, Gordon Lokenberg and Ha Vo: Recruitment anno 2012, tonight, September 23rd at 20.00hrs Amsterdam, live broadcast via

“The first webinar on Recruitment in the Dutch Language”