Twitter for Recruitment in Dutch “the movie”

Twitter for recruitment in Dutch from gordonlokenberg on Vimeo.

What I am telling the audience, members of Recruiters United? What twitter could be all about and how they could use twitter for recruitment.

#swvi Sarah Neels, Google

Sarah Neels is opening the event Successful Recruitment via Internet with a nice overview on what Google does.
In her presentation she shows us that Google is the nr. 5 site in Holland for Jobseekers.
Using Google and its tools you have an employer wonderful opportunities to reach the jobseekers. Ever thought of an Adwords campaign?
What about Youtube, the site where visitors stay 3 times longer than on a regular jobboard.. Why not use video to attract your future employees? Create your own channel like KPMG and many others already did in youtube.

I will let you know if the whole presentation will be available.

Takeaways from this presentation: Succes in Online you’ll get with:
1 SEO, 2 SEM 3 On and Offline,
4 Measurable 5 Be there with your audience, 6 Innovate

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Sarah, thank you for your presentation, I will quote you in our Trainings at Rise

The “Dik”channel on recruitment is now open

The Recruitment and Video Channel on DIK.


On Dik you can find your favorite videos, collect and publish. Use the meta-search engine for the most popular video sites to crawl, collect them in your own Dik Channels and share them with friends or publish them on your own website or blog.

Useful in Recruitment?

Of course:
create e.g. a channel with hot issues around your brand. Or video’s your company has uploaded on e.g. Youtube.
People will stay on your channel to watch the video…
Video to engage your audience, your future employees.