Social Recruiting, what is happening?

Ever since I started recruiting via Social networks, I was able to measure my ROI on my online activities.

No need to tell again I was working at Nedstat when social recruiting became a new way of finding candidates via web. It was 2005 and Linkedin, Open BC (now Xing), Viadeo and other social networks just started to create a huge pond with names, jobtitles and “resumes”.

At my role back 5 years ago, I was asked to recruit people with various technical backgrounds, like C++ developers, Unix System Admins and Software testers, to work in our office in Amsterdam. Besides the techies I was also in the lead of recruiting Consultants and Salesmen for our offices abroad in Europe, like France, Spain, Germany, UK and Belgium.

Instead of calling lots of agencies in these countries I started finding them myself via all what was to be found online. Regarding the business of Nedstat: Web Analytics Software, we wanted our new hires to be online savy, so if you were not to be found via web… What is your interest in internet?

Back then, it became a sport to report to the manager, who was found via which network or other types of databases.
Which gave me the opportunity to discover even SecondLife in my office workspace.
“Was I still working” the system administrator asked me once, you only seem to play around on the web when I come in.

Social Recruiting, what is happening?

Nowadays Social Recruiting has become on of the “Shouldn’t try that too” channels for recruitment.
And yes I still think you should, but start tracking your results from the minute you start!

At ERE Expo, several cases on “social recruiting” were highlighted, which were fantastic to see, but none of them gave a clear insight in how they keep track of their ROI, which for recruiters in the end should be HIRES.

Where there is a lot data you might want to keep track on, since you as a recruiter try to get the best from everywhere on and offline, here is an overview which Michele Porfilio, Director of Strategic Sourcing at Crowe Horwath LL, currently created and currently uses.

This overview might be very helpful for recruiters who are still struggling getting the right management input. Well I think too, this is what you would like to present your managers to start with:

To get the whole picture follow this link:
sourcing metrics form by Michele Porfilio

To get an overview of your employer brand status in Online Media, will be the next phase to implement in your management report, will be to much to show Michele’s great overview on that topic for now.
Though if you like more on where to start on that one too, you can always contact me or for more info.

Michele thank you for sharing!


Guido Fambach about Recruitment and Web Analytics

Guido Fambach, Nedstat is teaching Dutch Recruiters what happens is you start messuring and analyzing the stats of your website.

What are people looking for in your site, how do they find your website, where do they come from!!!

I have been writing about this topic, web analytics, for years now and still can’t believe why only a hand full of recruiters amongst the >200 attendees here at this event actually use web analytics to improve their online activities.

I am glad finally Nedstat is live on stage at the mega Recruitment Event in the Netherlands.

Guido you did a great job!
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Succesvol Werven = Successful Recruitment via Internet, Rotterdam, March 25

On Thursday, March 25, 2010 in the Hulstkamp building in Rotterdam the Seminar Successful Recruitment via Internet will be held for the sixth time. The event has become the largest and most prominent event in the Netherlands in the field of online employment market and recruitment. With fascinating speakers about the latest developments in online recruiting.

#swvi Recruitment via internet better be good!

What will be special about the line up this year, is the speaker from Nedstat presenting web analytics to the audience and how to run your online RECRUITMENT campaigns in a more effective way, we did not have that before anywhere, did we?

Looking forward to 25th. In the meantime follow #swvi for latest updates on the event.

Web analytics and recruitment for Recruiters United

Today I gave a presentation together with Bas van de Haterd on web analytics for corporate recruiters, members of Recruiters United.
The presentation is in Dutch, but if you like an English version, email me or give me a call.

Topics in the presentation: Analytics, Stats, Statistics, Webanalytics and Social Analytics, monitoring what is happening out there!

We inspired the corporate recruiters with the possibilities on how to increase ROI in online recruitment and learned them some new things in internet recruitment…. The core of internet recruitment.

#swvi Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Intelligence Group

Geert-Jan Waasdorp
About are you out there on the web and do candidates find you?

Question: What is your Site Traffic?
If you don’t know that how to tell your boss you are doing well on the web?

Be measurable and be found!
Define your funnel toward the apply button, and tune this funnel.

How to create the best candidate experience?
Technique should be good, content should be relevant and to the point, engagement is wizard, and do not forget the Apply Button!!!
Okay .. I will mention it again.. don’t forget to react!!!

Interesting presentation, lot’s of examples of nice and very good recruitmentsite a.o.,

Good to hear this afternoon that you need to measure.
Note to Intelligence Group: you can measure the front and backend, tip make sure the sitestatstags are on your applicationforms as well 🙂

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Web Analytics and how Recruiters can benefit

What are you doing?
If you want quality improvement in your online recruitment.

Of course this topic is about Recruitment, I will just be highlighting some marketing aspects of this profession, discussing Web Analytics and how Recruiters can benefit.

Web Analytics is the study of online behavior in order to improve it.
(More here

Using Web Analytics we create awareness for ourselves on how candidates surf our site.

Web Analytics software is able to tell us where candidates come from, how they navigate through out site before applying for the job. Also Web Analytics software is telling us where candidates exit our site… that of course we don’t like.

How can we apply this Web Analytics knowledge to our Recruitment strategy?

Check this: Accountability and Create checkpoints
E.g. What money did I spend on traffic generation? And what is the ROI in: number of visitors, most valuable channel, conversion in applications.

If you already use an Applicant track and trace system, integrate your Web Analytics software with your ATS, this way you’ll get the best picture of your efforts out there. Note, be sure you use same Web Analytics software on your career site as you use on your company site.

Since we get a clearer picture of what we do and what they, the candidates, are doing with our online presence, we are able to move forward.

Now that we know what we spend, what quality and in what quantity each channel is able to bring us. We can build a roadmap for each and every job.

We are able to improve quality of our online recruitment.

Want to learn more on this topic?

Why use a tiny URL?

URLs are nowadays crucial for Recruitment.

The URL is the place where you offer your Apply NOW button, where you tell your audience how good and successful you already are, and will become better if YOU join us…url-uniform-resource-locator

All the activities online are to create the best traffic to your URL, your site, your landing page.

So why take the chance people don’t get the message?

Often the message you like to leave in Forums or Blog comments or other types of Social networking sites is too long….
Long URL often break in e-mails and than this happens:

You can create shorter URLs that do not break in e-mails and are short enough to use in web 2.0 platforms via these tools: since 1999

Even some of these tools, do come with free statistics of the usage of the URL you created… Why bother? This way you can use different short URLs in different comments and check what comment brought you the most.
Well if you want to know more about analytics and how to use them in recruitment check out:

Enjoy your traffic!