Recruiting Excellence, Brussels Day 2

The international conference Recruiting Excellence has ended a week ago now. So it seems time to tell you about the final day of the conference.

Today started with a splendid overview on how numbers can work in Global recruitment at Shell, by Chris Goscomb. Knowing exactly what universities are able to let go each year in what part of the world, knowing how many people are able to perform in your market and knowing where they come from gives you ammunition to headhunt.

The next speaker, Karl Franzmann, recently changed to Pimco, brought us all back to school, discussing the input for the good working international graduate recruitment strategy at Renaissance Capital, in the emerging markets.

Followed by Proctor&Gamble and how they grow their own people from within. Graduate recruitment at P&G is second nature. Some very nice examples were given by Signe Svensson.

Lunch and 2nd day of conference means “Graveyard session”. Luckily KPMG was next with Ruth Stokes and Sara Reading… No graveyard session at all! In a very energetic performance they brought us all pro and contra from the last the generations at work, the Babyboomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Always are very interesting topic,

although is this Gen thing not only for the spoiled Western World? Do Emerging market experience this in the same way?

Discussing the Employer Brand development at ING was a very interesting journey through the philosophy of ING management behind Employer Branding. Unfortunately there has been used lots of one way communication. But no worries, they are still working on it.
Chris Kersbergen, ING Group, ended today session with a very good question:

Where to cut cost in your organization, during crisis, and how to make sure it won’t be Labourmarket communication!

If you have any comment on this, let me know.

After a big hand for the organization Jacob Flemming, represented by Petra Konova and Inna Semiglaz.

Peer and I enjoyed our dinner in Brussels and felt good about the past 3 days chairing the conference were we got some nice fresh new insights in various HR and Recruitment topics and how they are experienced in the emerging markets.

Next Recruiting Excellence will be in Spring 2009, Prague.

Recruiting Excellence, Brussels Day 1

The international conference Recruiting Excellence has started now.

  • HR and Recruitment managers attending are from all over Europe and Middle East
  • The topics are about HR and Recruitment
  • Speakers are good and from interesting companies: like ABB, Philips, Proctor&Gamble, Henkel, Electrolux and the sponsor of course Peopleclick
  • Interesting? Yes.
    The morning session covered HR as a Business Partner. About how to explain the hiring managers that H in HR does not stand for Hard working or Hard to find, but for Human. About how can actually be of service in reaching the company’s targets.
    The after lunch sessions covered the theme of Diversity and Inclusion. About how to create a workforce which fits the country that’s active in. Also the possibility to look at your employees as talent, the most precious thing in your company…. that was a very interesting way of approaching the retention part. Because, let’s face it, if you are not in Recruitment or HR, did you look at it that way?

    Since the people who came here today are looking for interesting new ways of finding the right ones, we decided to make the panel discussion a group discussion. Yes, in a big circle. The discussion covered the whole recruitment thing. What to search, where to find, how to attract, how to keep, and how to get them back if they unfortunately do leave. By dropping the microphone randomly in someone’s hand the discussion got fired up.
    The outcome? Besides keep checking the needs and find out the numbers, give proper attention to anyone that is showing interest in your company, whether he works for you or not.

    End of day one, networking started.

    Tomorrow Peer Goudsmit and myself will be chairing again, Day 2

    Workshop Recruiting Excellence, Brussels

    Today Peer Goudsmit and I gave a workshop at the 2nd Annual Recruiting Excellence in Brussels.
    Title of the workshop:

    E-Recruiting: Bring your OFFline strategy ONline

    In this workshop there were Recruitment Managers from a.o. Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Turkey, Serbia, Greece to name a few countries.

    We discussed the simple use of a firm offline strategy for your recruitment needs. The challenges which are there with Generation X and Y. That you either make, buy or steal your new hires. We also gave an overview on how manage the expectation of the hiring managers in terms of time, quality and money. Done all this we applied this in an online strategy.

    During the workshop of course the use of internet worldwide became point of discussion:

    click for internet usage per region
    click for internet usage per region

    But still… Knowing the internet has over 8 billion pages, something useful is out there for every recruitment manager, whether they are looking for drilling engineers for oil platforms in Saudi Arabia or Telco specialists in Serbia.

    And of course the need of web analytics was hot topic. Using Twitter to show you can create direct traffic and show the source.
    And explaining what else could be possible, like: what channel is cost effective, where is my audience coming from, what are the doing before or after visiting my vacancy. In order to be able to fine tune your online activities.

    Done all this it was time for lunch. A walk through Brussels to see
    Buy some chocolates for the loved ones back home and relax.

    Disruptive Talent Acquistion Strategies

    The past nearly 2 years I have been telling the world, there is more than spending money in Online Recruitment. You can also save your money.

    The “how to” is easy, by not doing anything online.

    But for those who would like to be successful in their Online presence, be successful in Online Recruitment, they will have to know what is happening out there. In my earlier post I was a bit emotional about that.

    Now, Gordon Lokenberg has put together a Masterclass, in cooperation with Nedstat, PeopleXS and Webster University on:

    • How to craft a web Talent Acquisition Strategy
    • Is your online recruitment budget well spend?
    • How to align your organization with Talent Acquisition Strategy

    This Masterclass, of course, will be in English, will be in Leiden Autumn 2008

    Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies, should be in the portfolio of each and every one responsible for HR and/or and Recruitment Management. So be there…

    More info on this topic will follow, in the mean time, call me, Gordon Lokenberg, if you have any questions, or you would like to attend: +31 6 421 21 451