ERE Webinar “Think Web, Act Mobile”

Enclosed the full recording of my first webinar for, sponsored by The Ladders
It was well attended by over a 100 people from several parts of the world.

Presenting on what kind of mobile technologies could be useful for mobile recruiting and questions like how to do proper metrics on mobile recruiting and what keywords to use in creating mobile recruiting apps, I think we have discussed a lot.

If you missed it, check it out: Think Web, Act Mobile

“Think web, Act mobile” recruiting in the new era

In 1915, a Scots town planner has been the one that pronounced the famous words Think Global, Act Local.

He couldn’t have known that that would be the famous line for every CEO in the years after.

Think web Act mobile
Is the title of the webinar on June 8th 2011, 2.00 PM ET,
(20.00hrs Amsterdam Time)

In this webinar Gordon Lokenberg will present you his thoughts on Think web, Act mobile: recruiting in the new era

  • What is mobile recruiting
  • How can we use mobile technology
  • But I still don’t have a smartphone
  • How to integrate mobile recruiting
  • What is currently the mobile future for our company

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Starbucks Case in using Social Media for Recruitment

During the ERE Expo in San Diego, I was fortuned to see one of the better told stories on Recruitment via Social Media. Kat Drum at full power showed us their business case: Starbucks “Using Social Media to Attract & Engage Passive Candidates”

>>by ERE<<
Starbucks is one of the most prolific users of social media. You’ll find out how the employer brand and sourcing teams partner to take advantage of the largest consumer fan base on Facebook and all their Twitter followers. Learn how the employment brand and consumer brands work together to attract and engage passive candidates. Find out the results of Starbucks sourcers and recruiters using widgets and a powerful CRM tool and finally, find out how the company decides where to spend recruitment advertising dollars, and how it measures results.

or watch this video on Starbucks at ERE expo

Now, you might want to follow @starbucksjobs

In the mean time I’ll get another Starbucks 🙂

Terri Coligan and Gail Houston about Recruiting and Social Media

Earlier today Terri Coligan and Gail Houston presented us the INTUIT way of working the Social Media Madness.

My thoughts on online recruitment are close to what they have done the past period online. I like that 🙂
Though they are still in “beta” all the pilots they do start to bring them good revenue. Succes is there.

ps… they haven’t worked out the slideshare possibilities yet for this presentation..= thanks Brandon

Geoff Peterson about Mobile Recruiting

Today at ERE Expo Geoff Peterson is giving away a workshop on Mobile Recruiting.. And yes that is cool! Mobile hits Recruitment bigtime today.. After the workshop the welcome reception at ERE is being sponsored by Lokloq – Shake your Job so we will be mobile all day long.

The 3 things people carry around, keys, wallet and Mobile.

Mobile phones nowadays take over the amount of landlines slowly.

8 benefits of Mobile:

  • # The first personal mass medium, opt-in only
  • # Permanently connected, social networking sites in your pocket
    # mobile is always carried: Average to Report: Lost wallet – 26 hrs Lost Cellphone -68 minutes….
    # Mobile has a built in Payment channel: like sms or paypal -Buy on the go.
    # Mobile is available at Creative Impulse: like interactive streaming while on-the-go
    # Mobile measures audience accurately: 90% of audience information is captured on Cellphones vs 1% for tv or 10% for internet
    # Only mobile captures Social context
    # Mobile enables Augmented Reality: check out Layar and TAT, The Astonishing Tribe!

    In a demo that drew gasps at TED2010, Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos new augmented-reality mapping technology from Microsoft

    RCE Global Recruitment Conference, Amsterdam 2008

    Register today, and meet the challenges of recruiting in 2008 and beyond head-on! It takes just a few simple steps to pre-register for Global Recruitment Conference 2008. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind global recruiting event!

    Sometimes of course advertisement is inevitable, especially when you want an event to become even better than the one last year.

      The recruiting conference that networks the world of recruitment to share best practices.
      Amsterdam, November 12th and 13th

    Recruitment Community Europe announces the 4th annual Global Recruitment Conference being held in Amsterdam for the 3rd consecutive year. GRC 2008 is building on the success of the ERE Global Recruitment Expo events held in Brussels and Amsterdam the past 3 years which have attracted over 500 delegates from 40 countries and hundreds of leading organizations in Europe, Asia and North America.

    Having been deeply involved in helping shape and manage the ERE Expos, Alan Whitford and Keith Robinson have launched a dedicated European focused Recruitment Community. In doing this they have also taken on responsibility for the Keynote Recruitment event, rebadged as Global Recruitment Conference 2008.
    Global Recruitment Conference 2008

    Having had a look at the agenda, I know from recent experience that this Global Recruitment Conference 2008, will be great and very useful for those who did not make it to ERE Expo last week in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

    See you all next week in Amsterdam!? Keep reading I will be blogging about this event next week.

    ERE 2008, Final thoughts

    Jason thank you for chairing the ERE expo Fall 2008!

    My final thoughts, why was ERE a succes:
    Lot of open minded recruiters, lot of smart thinking recruiters, lot of enthusiastic recruiters, lot of creative recruiters, lot of interesting recruiting tools, lot of funny give aways, lot of very good networking events around the sessions, lot of good food and drinks, lot of serious thoughts, lot of fun!

    See you all next time, by the way, contact me whenever you come to Amsterdam!