Jobs at Distimo

Just the other week I have started recruiting for Distimo, a young and ambitious organization, located in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Mobile Developers, they love it. I will tell you why

Distimo started 3 years ago in measuring what is happening in the App Stores. The mobile application market is growing rapidly, and Distimo is right in the center of it. Watch how many people around you are extensively using mobile applications, and you will quickly understand why this market is very hot. Distimo offers mobile developers a free analytic tool that allows them to track their own and competing applications in all mobile app stores. Distimo also delivers monthly reports for device manufacturers and mobile operators that provide in-depth insight into the market.

You may know I used to work for a company called Nedstat (now ComScore), there we were working on outstanding WEB analytics, so it’s not that weird I ended up here at Distimo, analyzing MOBILE 🙂

Are you passionate about mobile phones, applications and statistics? Do you want to work with and be part of a dynamic, young and driven team? Like to work in the Utrecht? If so, I would love to talk with you, just give me a call on +31642121451

Have a look at the Jobs at Distimo on your mobile, … Of course you can, just do the QR scan:

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Starbucks Case in using Social Media for Recruitment

During the ERE Expo in San Diego, I was fortuned to see one of the better told stories on Recruitment via Social Media. Kat Drum at full power showed us their business case: Starbucks “Using Social Media to Attract & Engage Passive Candidates”

>>by ERE<<
Starbucks is one of the most prolific users of social media. You’ll find out how the employer brand and sourcing teams partner to take advantage of the largest consumer fan base on Facebook and all their Twitter followers. Learn how the employment brand and consumer brands work together to attract and engage passive candidates. Find out the results of Starbucks sourcers and recruiters using widgets and a powerful CRM tool and finally, find out how the company decides where to spend recruitment advertising dollars, and how it measures results.

or watch this video on Starbucks at ERE expo

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In the mean time I’ll get another Starbucks 🙂

#swvi Sarah Neels, Google

Sarah Neels is opening the event Successful Recruitment via Internet with a nice overview on what Google does.
In her presentation she shows us that Google is the nr. 5 site in Holland for Jobseekers.
Using Google and its tools you have an employer wonderful opportunities to reach the jobseekers. Ever thought of an Adwords campaign?
What about Youtube, the site where visitors stay 3 times longer than on a regular jobboard.. Why not use video to attract your future employees? Create your own channel like KPMG and many others already did in youtube.

I will let you know if the whole presentation will be available.

Takeaways from this presentation: Succes in Online you’ll get with:
1 SEO, 2 SEM 3 On and Offline,
4 Measurable 5 Be there with your audience, 6 Innovate

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Sarah, thank you for your presentation, I will quote you in our Trainings at Rise

VersBloed08, about online recruitment

Today I gave a preso on W3recruitment at the versbloed08 conference, about labourmarketcommunication in Health, which was chaired by Jan Bonjer, AD. There were about a 100 managers from the healthsector in Holland. I spoke Recruitment from a.o. UMC, Zuwe and a few others during lunch.
Also I met Ilja from Steam, it was fun to meet her again, it had been like 10 years since we worked together at SWH.

If you are wondering what the title Swoooooooosh means; it is like the sound of you blood running through your vains, but also it could be explained as… swoooooooosh… what was that!?

Main issue during my presentation was, don’t research no more, there is a lot to be found online, it’s time to act, get online~!

And YES of course I mentioned the Masterclass about Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies which is on October 24th in Leiden, when I discussed the analytics part.

Thank you Bert van Trirum for inviting me.