VersBloed08, about online recruitment

Today I gave a preso on W3recruitment at the versbloed08 conference, about labourmarketcommunication in Health, which was chaired by Jan Bonjer, AD. There were about a 100 managers from the healthsector in Holland. I spoke Recruitment from a.o. UMC, Zuwe and a few others during lunch.
Also I met Ilja from Steam, it was fun to meet her again, it had been like 10 years since we worked together at SWH.

If you are wondering what the title Swoooooooosh means; it is like the sound of you blood running through your vains, but also it could be explained as… swoooooooosh… what was that!?

Main issue during my presentation was, don’t research no more, there is a lot to be found online, it’s time to act, get online~!

And YES of course I mentioned the Masterclass about Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies which is on October 24th in Leiden, when I discussed the analytics part.

Thank you Bert van Trirum for inviting me.


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