#swvi The winning Recruitmentsite in the Netherlands 2009 is:

We had to wait for a week, but here it is, captured from this Dutch blog from Corne Wielemaker, who is the Creative Director at Maximum.
And because some things are awesome, you blog about it.
This is my final posting about the Succesful Recruitment via Internet Conference 2009.

Web analytics and recruitment for Recruiters United

Today I gave a presentation together with Bas van de Haterd on web analytics for corporate recruiters, members of Recruiters United.
The presentation is in Dutch, but if you like an English version, email me gordon@rise.nl or give me a call.

Topics in the presentation: Analytics, Stats, Statistics, Webanalytics and Social Analytics, monitoring what is happening out there!

We inspired the corporate recruiters with the possibilities on how to increase ROI in online recruitment and learned them some new things in internet recruitment…. The core of internet recruitment.

#svwi Ronald van Driel, Recruitment Solutions

Ronald van Driel
To make sure everybody is still awake, Ronald is asking us to stand up and congratulate each other with surviving the first round of lay-offs during CreditCrunch.

How to be succesfull

Please make sure you know what you need!
Know who they are and where they are out there.
Create keywords, a lot of them, which match your audience
Tell them on your site why they should be attracted
Use Executive Search agencies for knowlegde, expertise and extra pair of hands
Create a clear recruitment proces
Manage your Hiring managers
Use an ATS
Use experienced, professional Recruiters like these people 🙂

Ronald, thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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#swvi Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Intelligence Group

Geert-Jan Waasdorp
About are you out there on the web and do candidates find you?

Question: What is your Site Traffic?
If you don’t know that how to tell your boss you are doing well on the web?

Be measurable and be found!
Define your funnel toward the apply button, and tune this funnel.

How to create the best candidate experience?
Technique should be good, content should be relevant and to the point, engagement is wizard, and do not forget the Apply Button!!!
Okay .. I will mention it again.. don’t forget to react!!!

Interesting presentation, lot’s of examples of nice and very good recruitmentsite a.o. http://www.frankly.com, http://www.dhl.com

Good to hear this afternoon that you need to measure.
Note to Intelligence Group: you can measure the front and backend, tip make sure the sitestatstags are on your applicationforms as well 🙂

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Succesvol Werven = Successful Recruitment via Internet Live from Rotterdam, NL

Programm of Today:

Sarah Neels – Google
About what to do as Employer about the change of use of the searchbar by applicants.
Marc de Vries – Hyves
About recruitment via Social Network called Hyves, the #1 in Holland.
Geert-Jan Waasdorp – Intelligence Group
How to work with conversionratio’s in recruitmentsites
Ronald van Driel -TenneT
The award winning website of 2008 in Digital Recruitment and
Gilbert Stout Royal Airforce, about Base-X

Chairman of Today: Peer Goudsmit
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Recruitment 2.0 do it now!

Last week I wrote about the best job in the world

This week they, http://www.islandreefjob.com, made up a shorlist of only 50 applicants out of 34K applicants.

On this shortlist there are a lot of US and Canadian, but also Iris, our Dutch Student. I think only because of the fact that she made it to this list … She should go all the way down there.

But Iris needs help from us, Recruiters. We need to vote for her!

Voting for Iris means you are working on a recruitment project which generated over 30K applicants in the first round of selection. Now the shortlist has been set at only 50 applicants, Iris is the one from the Netherlands. She knows what to do.. So get her the job… Vote now! You will experience worlds most succesful Recruitment 2.0 project of 2009!

Why I am writing about this… Because I like what is happening down there and I like the fact that a Dutch girl can get this job.

Successful Recruitment 2009

During preparation of Successful Recruitment Seminar, I stumbled up on a little sneak preview of the sites that are in the race to become the best recruitmentsite 2009.


It appears that these are the same websites in the race as there were at the Digital Recruitment Awards in 2007.

Does that mean there is no new successful site out there? OR is it a fake picture???


So what is this picture about, when I asked the photographer about this mobypicture he answered:


That’s all for now… I’ll keep you posted on this event, I will be live blogging from this event on March 12 2009.