What are you doing? Killing deadlines!

Ever since I started with Twitter, which is about 1,3 year ago, I couldn’t stop twittering… Whatever I am thinking of, what bothers me, what makes me happy, what the kids are doing, what is to see in the zoo, what is happening at work, what it is I notice in the news, what I see around me, what I will be presenting about and of course, what it is I am searching for to get this one vacancy filled.

Actually I am continuously answering the questing What are you doing?

Well last week it has been a lot, but a lot of readers of this blog, don’t twitter, I know for sure.
It was killing deadlines most of the time

Therefor a little summary.

22nd and 23rd I was in my 3rd/4th day inhouse at ProRail, learning about who is who in there, to make my work a lot easier. Currently I am looking to recruit 3 different profiles for ProRail: Information Analist, Application Manager and an Application Architect. More about this in another posting. Some interesting things in W3Recruitment are coming up 🙂

24th Training Recruiters of a large IT company in the Netherlands about how they could work on their online presence. That way the possible candidates will get to know them and call!

25th Training Recruiters from all over the country in how to optimize their vacancy so search engines understand the have something interesting to offer.

26th Friday! Wrap up of the week, besides all the get to know stuff, trainings and candidate search. I even managed to prepare the Keynote for Versbloed08, the pre-conference workshop in Belgium, which I will do together with Peer Goudsmit. And at last the mailing for the Master Class Online Recruitment has left the building.

So now you know 🙂


Disruptive Talent Acquistion Strategies

The past nearly 2 years I have been telling the world, there is more than spending money in Online Recruitment. You can also save your money.

The “how to” is easy, by not doing anything online.

But for those who would like to be successful in their Online presence, be successful in Online Recruitment, they will have to know what is happening out there. In my earlier post I was a bit emotional about that.

Now, Gordon Lokenberg has put together a Masterclass, in cooperation with Nedstat, PeopleXS and Webster University on:

• How to craft a web Talent Acquisition Strategy
• Is your online recruitment budget well spend?
• How to align your organization with Talent Acquisition Strategy

This Masterclass, of course, will be in English, will be in Leiden Autumn 2008

Disruptive Talent Acquisition Strategies, should be in the portfolio of each and every one responsible for HR and/or and Recruitment Management. So be there…

More info on this topic will follow, in the mean time, call me, Gordon Lokenberg, if you have any questions, or you would like to attend: +31 6 421 21 451