You’ve got mail, check your webstats, why!

You know the Mailboxrecruiters, only focussed on email from their suppliers: The smart cv salesmen that sell you LinkedIn Profiles or send you cv’s they got from old static databases.

Yep they are busy…

But by managing the Salesmen, they haven’t got time to check their other mail. The mail that comes from Highly Interested, Motived, Choosing for You, candidates. Hmm.

What to do with that…

>>> Get them more relevant cv’s
>>> Explain them how to make sure they get those relevant cv’s…

I will not tell you now what kind of campains etc, etc. to do to get the right attention.

I do think the “official, company site” is still a good “mailbox” but it should be able to take more than just the “email”.

The “mailmen” within the company should be able to work with all types of mail, whether it is just an URL of a blog, “LinkedIn” or “Twitter Profile” or an email with your CV attached. (I’m only thinking Online here)

The “mailmen” should be able to place the opening to the mailbox in the right neighbourhood.

What is the right neighbourhood? This neighbourhood is marked in their webstats.

Do you think so as well?

Simon Young replied to my posting last week: “If I were a potential hire, I’d want to apply through the application that suits me, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or via email”

So at least someone shares this idea.


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