Geert-Jan Waasdorp about Oldskool Recruitment

Wow, oldskool recruitment! Geert-Jan Waasdorp, founder at Intelligence Group

Currently in Recruitment lots of applications, sites and other internet possibilities are available…

Only 1400 jobsites are registered in the Netherlands!

1.6 mln unique jobs (source have been posted in 2009 still 121K jobs are open. Creditcrunch is there, still we have vacancies which we can’t fullfill.
Need to know, the Netherlands count 7,2 mln people in the labour market.

Social Media we need now!
But are we sure?
Social media is the goldrush….

What do we forget..

Question: who would apply for one of the jobs on their own recruitmentsite.

It’s about the candidate
Not to reach them, but to move them
Invest in your own recruitmentsite
Optimize your internal recruitmentprocess
Be a good employer

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