To be online in….

People ask me often are you online? Where can I find you? What do you do online?

It must take a lot of time, doesn’t it…..

Let me try to summize where I am active in the W3:

twitter, google, yahoo, xing, linkedin, jaiku,
facebook, myspace, socialmedian, msn, nvb,skype,
hrlog, snatw, scoutle, sparx, trackr, me.dium, flickr,
tweakers, spoke, perlmongers, netlog, blogger,
schoolbank, fon, hyves, monsterboard, pownce
marktplaats, tumblr, ecademy, spock, personeelslog,
ikki, naymz,plaxo, marketingfacts, tblog, ten, mobypicture,
lastfm, ning, digg, meetup, listserves, netvibes…..

It might be, I’ve forgotten somethings,
So you know.


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