World Domination #HRTechWorld 2015

Martijn Hemminga, owner at came to Paris last October to see what is happening in the world of HRTech. During his visit at the venue he has spoken with some of the Dutch Delegates, like Cammio, Appical and People Sourcing Crew.

The interview tells you (in Dutch) why people come to HRTech, what is the holy grail in sourcing and what are cool tools like Gild, Talentwunder and Benify. And what are my plans for 2016….

World Domination… well to start with, and than save the rest of the universe…. It’s all in the name…

Do we like mobile stuff?

How many mobile phones do you own? Where is you favorite phone right now? How often will you check your mobile in the next 15 minutes? Read your first email via mobile this morning? What is your most played game on your device? What was the latest QR code you scanned about? Did you ever buy something via your mobile phone? Are you using your mobile to tweet, moby, instagram, facebook.. to share? How frustrated are you when you go mobile and visit a site where you can’t click or read without zooming in…

So tell me!!!

Well since you are in a Mobile mood now. Check your phone number in your email signature…
Make sure this is not the case +31 (0) 6 42121451

Listen to Bill Boorman on Blog Talk Radio

Today I experienced my first Blog Talk Radio being Guest on the show.
Of course Mobile Recruitment was topic during the one hour radio show. Felix Wetzel, Allan Whitford, Keith Robinson, Bill Boorman, Dave Martin, managing director of AllTheTop- and myself were discussing what is, what could and what should be the candidate experience using mobile for jobseeking.
The whole show can be found here: “Mobile Recruiting”

Listen to Bill Boorman on Blog Talk Radio

How many “job changers” a year are out there?

In a research on where to put your cv when looking for a new job I stumbled upon a research “Global Employment Trends 2008” of the International Labour Organization.

Reading this research I found an unemployment figure for last year, 2007, of 32.1 million in the “Developed economies and EU”.

hmm interesting I thought.

So 32,1 mln don’t have a job and might be looking for one…

But how about the people that are employed and are also looking for or might be interested in a new job?

Probably we don’t have an answer to that.

Maybe the amount of people that really do change jobs could give us an indication?

Who does have an answer?

Chief Network Officer

This post I made Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at

During my quest in finding the right people for the right job, I meet a lot of interesting people. People who like networking as much as I do, real connectors and even people who want to share their tips and tricks. This is how I had cup of coffee with John Veitch in Christchurch, New Zealand, who is training people over there in how to benefit from eachothers network. This is also the reason why I went to Belgium to meet Octavio Pitaluga Neto. Octavio, inventor of the jobtitle Chief Network Officer, asked a few questions about this topic:

Gordon Lokenberg being interviewed by PNO Plaza

This interview is in Dutch recorded for the PNO Plaza news bulletin.

I’m being asked what I think of w3recruitment. Will it be the future, how do SME have to work with it etc. You know, the usual questions 🙂

There will be a follow up on this interview, it was set up to be an Ultra mini Workshop in W3Recruitment.
Probably posted in November 2008.