#TruAmsterdam upcoming Recruiters Event! why?

TRU Amsterdam, June 23 and 24, strives to give track leaders and attendees the power to share and make the recruitment world more open and connected. Come learn, discuss, and network with recruiters and sourcers.

TRU Amsterdam offers: amplified reach
With track leaders from the four corners of the world, you will be exposed to several point of views, learn how things can be done differently, and how to get better results by working smarter.

TRU Amsterdam offers: enhanced engagement
This is not a lecture, this is not a classroom; this is an opportunity to engage with colleagues in the industry, to have a conversation, to have a debate, to have a better understanding of the industry

TRU Amsterdam offers: meaningful connections
Networking will be the word of the day. Whether you are exchanging business card, entering the information directly on your smart phone, or still using a plain old address book, you will leave TRU Amsterdam with a better connection that you came in.

TRU Amsterdam offers: deeper insights
Come and delve deeper into the recruitment industry. Ask questions, give your opinion, get an explanation, and leave with a better understanding of your own recruitment world.

trulondon 118picture by @fishdogs #TruLondon


Don’t forget TRU Source:

#truSource is a training event for recruiters, in house and agency, and HR professionals responsible for finding the best talent. The line up features some of the world’s best sourcers who will share their talents and techniques on sourcing and profiling. This is an interactive and hands-on day that will suit both the novice and experienced resourcer and recruiter, and will explore all the channels. And of the day, you will know the basics of several sourcing techniques to help you find that right candidate for that job

And reserve your space here. Hurry up before you loose out on one of the most talked about unconferences.

Follow TRU Amsterdam on Twitter: #truamsterdam
Be part of the TRU-The-Recruiting-Unconference Fan Page on Facebook
Ask a question, Give a suggestion, Tell ‘m how great they are: thetruevents@gmail.com

Reserve Your Seat Today:
Eventbrite – http://truamsterdam2.eventbrite.com/

The TRU Amsterdam event is hosted by YER Amsterdam.

TRU is a production of @BillBoorman and @RadicalRecruit

Why I am attending this event? Well, because it is one of the better recruitment events these days… BE THERE!!!


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