Mobile Recruitment Solutions

Since a few weeks I finally got the Iphone.. Not so strange after buying an Apple Macbook a while ago. Now that I have got my Iphone, I am looking for cool apps on Recruitment. I know… I am into recruitment…

Currently there are not a lot of apps to use for Iphone regarding to mobile recruitment solutions. So far I found the Dutch jobboard Nationalevacaturebank for Iphone, a basic, flat joboverview they are providing, and the interaction is only towards yourself via mobile. i.e. sending the vacancy to your own email account.

I also found this one Recrutae. They are providing an App where you can upload jobs and candidates, and use the app as an ontheroad ATS.

And of course, not to forget these apps: Ifindjob, NowHiring, Web Jobs in Texas, these apps offer also mobile recruitment solutions. Interaction in these apps however is very poor, unless the apps that use the original sources, the webbased sites.

Still I am waiting for the Mobile Recruitment Solution that includes interaction using the tool itself.

Next posting in my search on Mobile Recruitment Solutions should include of course, what is happening on the other appstores, like Nokia, Blackberry, WindowsMobile, Palm or Android.


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