#swvi Marc de Vries, Hyves

Marc de Vries, CEO hyves.

Recruitment in Social Media and what to do with Hyves.

Your profile on Hyves tells others who you are and what you do.
Social Media: to share… and be yourself, don’t hide behind your company logo… Don’t centralize, Distribute!

Nice to know, in Holland
Hyves , 6,9 mln users
Linkedin, 1 mln users
Twitter, 50 K users

75% internet users do visit Social Networking sites….

Hyves and Recruitment:
Communicate, Share Social Content, Your Identity
But isn’t Hyves for children only? NO, 57+% is 13yrs and older of which in the age of 20-34yrs 80,5% is on Hyves! Okay, clear, we can recruit on Hyves.

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But how? Tell us what to do?
First of the Poll: Do you mind, me recruiting you via Hyves
63% says you can recruit me via Hyves, via Friend 11% and 52% come and get me!

How to:
Corporate Communication, Build you brand tell your story and engage
Targeted Communication

Tip, use your own network on Hyves to recruit, for free.

Marc thanks for your clear view on how to use Hyves!


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