AVATAR is who you are?

Just a short posting today,

For a lot of people on the web, is being yourself, still….

Therefor the avatar has been created.

Of course what you would like to express with an avatar could be everything.
You could use a business like one or a personal one, or a more fantasy one (like above).

Most important, so I think, stay close to who you are.
And use a proper avatar.
That means your face when it’s about you, fantasy when it’s about fun or games and you could use your company logo, if it is about the company…

What does your avatar look like?


2 thoughts on “AVATAR is who you are?

  1. It’s a way of looking at it. For a mo I was even with you on this. But even if it’s a work related message you’re throwing into the world, wouldn’t you want to keep it personal?

    For me, only if and when you’re playing online games, a fantasy one is apropriate.

    Just another opinion, like there are zillions outthere.

  2. @isheila thanks for your comment

    Work related messages are not always personal, I think, that is the moment to use your company logo.
    For example the twitter postings by @newpeople or @bright

    Good luck with theavatarwar at twitter šŸ™‚ you seem to win!!!

    bytheway, no avatar here?

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