Some thoughts about Social Networks, “community tired?”

A few times last month people were asking me about the future of social networks.
What will it be?

I read a lot about interaction online, as we talk here about “online social networks”.
People invite me for a lot of different networks on a weekly basis.

If we are counting the amount of Social Networks.. You can’t really, count them anymore.

An de Jonghe, Belgium, gave a broad overview in her book “Social Networks around The World” on what is happening out there. (read it!)

Currently my view is: we all like to have our own “online social network”, but are we not getting “community tired”?

What I mean by that:
All corporates like to have their own Social Network. Every event, likes to have its own Social Network. Every…. likes to have its own Social Network.

Of course it is good for creating Brand awareness, good for connecting to Alumni, good to connect to Customers, and of course to connect with own (future) employees. And once connected, you have an easy way of interact.
And yes it is a good forum to interact and share ideas.

But where a Social Network related to a Brand, was an extra 25 years ago, it now seems to be commodity.

You have a Social Network so you are, like I twitter therefor I am or I blog therefor I am.

Growing a Social Network is not easy either anymore.
But with tricks like: invite all your connections from “Plaxo”, “Linkedin” or “MSN”, to this new network, there will always be a kind of migration from one to another Social Network. Ah, and don’t forget OpenID

Next thing will be: let your network live… Most of the times you will see a network get more used, more attractive when there is lots of interaction between the members, Online but even more important OFFline.


Bond, Master Cybersleuth?!

Last Friday I was witness of a fight,

It was still early Friday evening, the guys just sat down. Topic during this meeting: Recruitment, The battle for Talent.

These gentlemen started:) Keith Robinson (left) and Dave Mendoza (right)

In fact, Dave was invited by Otys and RCE to come to Amsterdam, to meet some people here, topic: Social Networking Diner with Dave Mendoza. You don’t know Dave yet? Check out his site:

The evening did not really bring new things on the table, beside lovely dishes prepared by the cooks at Bond, Amsterdam.

What I do realize after a meeting with these guys is, that we still do old things in Recruitment. We don’t innovate. All the congresses, all the seminars, all these kind of meetings, we keep on telling the same thing.

But Recruiters, actually seem to like it. Let me do my job from 9-5. Don’t tell me I could do other things, to increase speed and quality in my recruitment process.

Come on RECRUITMENT WAKE UP. (sorry for shouting, sometimes I do get a bit emotional.)

Dave, Keith, Laura, and all the others, Thank you for a wonderfull evening in Amsterdam,

Next meeting ERE, October 🙂

Think Tomorrow, 3 weeks ago

In this Tumblr blog you’ll find the live blogging result of Think Tomorrow 2008, I just found this feature in Tumblr therefor it is now, that it’s been posted 🙂

If the script being placed here î is not visable, just click on this link thinktomorrow2008

Obviously I still haven’t got the hang of it.

Flame War about Quality or Quantity

A lot of things have been said already about networking.
In this blog I even leave the techie talk out of it.
It can be business, it can be social, it can be obliged, it can be forbidden.

But what is networking:
Getting to know “other people”? Gathering businesscards? Tell everybody who you are and what you are doing?
One thing for sure: It is a social thing, it is about people and yes, people do business.

It is about who knows you, it is about who do you know.

Should it be about quality? Should it be about quantity? This flame war will never be won if you make it a flame war.

I will not,
I say yes to quantity, because you never know with what answer from your network you can help someone.
I say yes to quality, because you never now what question you need to ask in your network.

But lets face it: humans deserve respect and credibility anyhow, whether is about a simple thing in life, like mowing the lawn or a more complex thing like making sure the Red Cross is able to enter the earthquake area.

So who is who in your network is what it is about, not the numbers, not the quality.
Share information with eachother to find out whether someone is for quality reasons part of your network, or quantity reasons.

You will find out that your network changes with every question from Quality to Quantity.

You’re still there?….. Let’s connect! Via Xing, Linkedin, Twitter, Ecademy, MySpace, Facebook etc.