People Sourcing, not about technology and innovation

Sourcing became one of the hot topics over the past few weeks here in my blog.
I mentioned Sourcing is cool, and it is.

In the meanwhile an International People Sourcing Contest took place. The contest was spread all over the web. Guess who won this contest..

The prize I won, enter the course.. no: “I was able to immediately enter the final exam of the CPSP-Level 2”
Easy exam, I hear you thinking, .. took even me roughly a full day of work to answer the 80 questions in there … But now I am officially a Certified People Sourcing Professional Level 2.. How about that

As stated by Irina Shamaeva, Sourcing is about People, not about Technology or Innovation… And so it is, although it made sourcing a lot easier and more efficient…

Since 2007 when I started training recruiters via in what sourcing is about, we were talking about internet search, but as technology moves forward, so does terminology: Internet Search… We stopped searching in the past few years and started finding. More and more information came to the internet and people left their footprint whether they know of it or not. Via scanned newspapers you even know sold his house for what price back in 1993..
We became Cybersleuths, but in the end it is all about Sourcing, the Sourcer… Of course you now start thinking about the sourcerers.. And yes Sourcers do use a little magic… But don’t tell anyone.

To meet the Winner of the “International People Sourcing Contest 2012”: Gordon Lokenberg, you can come and visit one of these events in the Netherlands:

15th of November HRtheNextLevel,
22nd of November TruAmsterdam,
6th of December DWWD, “Stop Searching, Start Finding”

Special thanks to Irina Shamaeva and her team for creating these wonderful challenges!
btw if you like to try the International People Sourcing Contest yourself. Have fun and let me know what you think of it.


4 thoughts on “People Sourcing, not about technology and innovation

  1. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for the nice comment! I know some people knew, though I tried to keep it a secret 🙂 #blabla
    Hope to see you soon again, so we can set up the lunch jam session again…

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