The Recruiting Engineer

Over the past 3 weeks I have been searching for another cool assignment in the Recruitment area. But finding a contract recruiter assignment is not as easy as it seems nowadays, even if you are experienced and have a large network and on top of the latest technology.
There is a lot of people out there doing something recruitish 🙂
Job titles I stumbled upon while crawling the web for something recruitish are Recruiting Manager, Recruiting Coordinator, Recruiting Program Manager, Recruiting advisor, Recruiting Specialist. And this is sort of what they do:

The recruiting manager is obviously managing the recruitment department
The recruiting coordinator is coordinating admin and scheduling interviews
The recruiting program manager is taking care of the implementation of new recruitment tools
The recruiting advisor is advising hiring managers where to spend their budget on and what kind of hires they should be going for
The recruiting specialist is someone supposed to know everything on this topic

On my way back this afternoon of a meeting, about something recruitish, I thought of yet another job title: The Recruiting Engineer

About The Recruiting Engineer

The recruiting engineer from my point of view should be someone that will find out what the current recruiting efforts are in a company, no matter what the size of the company is. How many recruiters are there, what are they doing, what is the career site like, where is candidate traffic coming from, how do they treat candidates etc. Once the recruiting engineer has the overview, he or she should start visualizing, what could be a better, cheaper, more convenient way to do the job on time against a different budget.

The recruiting engineer is not a full-time live time job in one company.. The recruiting engineer comes in, stays a while, improves the recruiting efforts, and goes out again. The recruiting engineer is not part of the company politics, the recruiting engineer is there to upgrade recruitment without interfering in the internal discussions. The recruiting engineer will enhance the recruiting efforts from each recruiter, will add techniques and tools to the recruitment process when needed and explain the philosophy behind it.

This way the Recruiting manager will have an even better team of recruiters, recruitment specialists, the recruiting coordinator has even more to schedule, the program manager will know why priorities on fast implementations are there, the recruiting advisor can come with even smarter hiring strategies.

I just wanted to blog this, because I am wondering, should this be a role, and should we call it the Recruiting Engineer.

While writing this, my guess the recruiting engineer is someone, who is on top of latest technologies, has serious hands on recruiting experience and brags about it. He or she has seen how recruiters recruit, knows what does or doesn’t work and why. Also should be able to write and give training for smaller and larger group of people. Has something to say on every step of the recruitment process.

… that is it for now.


6 thoughts on “The Recruiting Engineer

  1. As if the recruiting process in the corporate environments with all those recruitish positions in place is not inefficient enough already 🙂 Yeah, let’s hire a Recruiting Engineer to ad a extra link in the already overpopulated chain of corporate recruiting!

    I suggest the recruiting engineer should identify all the hiring manager positions once he/she has entered the arena in a company, gather them all and give them a hell of a recruiting bootcamp with all the tips & tricks and let them handle all things recruirtish in that company from then on!

    That’s how one reduces waste in the recruiting process, cuts costs and improves process performance……… now, how about that?;-)

  2. naah, not quite right, I would say Recruiters are doing a hell of job, keeping the hiring manager doing what they should do in their area. A recruiting engineer should just tweak the recruiting efforts and then leave again. The recruiting engineer should not stay too long.. 🙂

  3. Gordon, i have to agree with you! In fact, this is exactly what i am working on: streamlining our recruitment processes, testing alternative jobboards, analysing statistics, bringing back focus in the recruitment dept. Which by the way can only be done by looking at other (non-recruitment) processes such as sales in our consultancy company.i agree as well with the point that this is a

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