E government

Today I entered the world named the Government. Since my brother Sandor Lokenberg is heavily involved in E Government topics I thought lets get educated today. What is happening there. So here a short overview of the opening today at Emerce E government 2012. When I find the slides I will add them 🙂

Opening speaker is Jack de Vries, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, discussing the image of the Government, reputation management in media creation.

Where he started discussing the change in Power and influence over the past 50 years, where the church has left the throne and after the government, the corporates now the civilians are back in charge.


You can’t beat the change, so learn to live with that. “Change we can believe in”
Populism, we are looking for security, the job, the pension and everything inbetween. Also we like to blame….
Mediacompetition, we need to compete and everybody is the media, we like to just say stuff, deal with that.

Mediacreation Plus
Oh yeah, now we have Social Media, deal with that. Openness is not a choice it is a fact.

Pictures tell even more, most of the time you recognize the picture, create your thoughts but forgot the original context.

Reputation management: Directed by you, your company as a whole.
Risk management, check “all the stakeholders” not only the spreadsheets
Internal communication, are you sure everybody shares the company values
Social Media gives your employee autorithy, reach and tools, they are connected. How will you take care of this.
Make sure you have a plan. Think in ambassadors instead of threaths
Who can help! Who is sharing the same interests within the company, join forces!
Monitoring and Issue tracking, what is happening out there, take care of that, and yes you may outsource this.
There is one message, stick with that.
But make sure why and how you do all that.

#Egov12: *my thoughts” Newsbreak: There is no government with civilians… Everybody is civilian and we experience a government


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