Cross Border Recruiting – International

International recruitment,

Since 1999 I am recruiting, my first international recruiting experience was when someone came in our office, when I worked at Manpower.. The guy was an American working in Dubai… Well this guy got in and asked me if I had a job for him in Amsterdam. I asked him why Amsterdam, he answered: My girlfriend is Romanian, and Dubai is to far away from Romania for having a LAT affair, I like to live closer by.

I set up an interview for him at a company around the corner in Amsterdam. This interview was with a hiring manager, who was based in the UK. So it was a video based interview….. Yes this story goes all the way back to February 1999 and yes this guy got the job.

Today, Recruiters United organized a seminar in The Hague, the city where the Dutch Parliament is based. Topic of today: International Recruitment.

Recruiting global is something to discuss.

There was an interesting presentation of International Baccalaureate, a company who has just relocated to offices into one, from Switzerland and Ireland to The Hague. Only 30% of there original staff was willing to make the move to the Netherlands… What about that number?!

Recruiting international seems with the current technologies, like Social Media and the access to Google and local, foreign databases, quite an easy job. But please do keep in mind, people must like the idea to leave their roots and the adventure to move.

The figures during the presentation from the Expat Center show us that Indians and US people are the ones that really like the idea of working in the Netherlands.
The figures from Intelligence Group gave us the reason why they like to move.

Seminars like these give you always some food for thought, and interesting insights on Global Talent Acquisition
The reason I went? I recruit from all the continents since 1999. I simply like it. You will always be able to find people that fit your Dutch OR English OR German OR French OR US or whatever culture wherever you dig.

A culture always consists of people… People always have there own. The one that fits your business.

What about hiring in another language?
Relo is just about getting the right people, who want to move forward in their lives, whether it is in love, career, economic situation, or self-being, what does your company stand for? The rest is paperwork….

Vonq, thank you by the way for sponsoring this event 🙂


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