Shake Your Job, about registration… and on the move!

With the help our users of Shake Your Job, you, we keep on making the product even better!

So what was your main complaint about Shake Your Job so far, being 4 months on air?

WHY do I need to register immediately?
– The thinking behind that was … You will use the app for finding a job and apply for it. To apply you need to send at least your contact details and let the recruiter know why you would like to apply, what is your ambition. – If you download an app, you first want to check out the application, before having the confidence to leave your contact details in the system behind the app.


You don’t need to register immediately in Shake Your Job
Only Register if you like more info, or want to apply immediately.
After registration you will get the recruiter info and the possibility to interact directly via mail, call or the apply button.

But feel free to check out the jobs available without signing in.
NOTE: Your contact details will only be send to the recruiter if you tell the application to do so. In the meanwhile your details stay within the Shake Your Job database, for you to change, to add more info like a full resume, or to delete your info.


Also you have been asking questions about WHERE IS SHAKE YOUR JOB!
As we announced on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve moved, within the Appstore.. Yes that is possible, not as easy as you would guess, but we managed of course.

You are now able to find Shake Your Job in the Appstore again.

Shake Your Job!


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