Mobile Monday #15 The internet of things and beyond

This Mobile Monday will be about Internet of Things: all things mobile that don’t have a regular phone interface – mobile beyond the mobile phone.

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Menno Huisman,
Since Menno had cool slides I have been looking for them, didn’t find them but came up with these slides on metaproducts, also by Booreiland
The meta product makes it available to interact from web to product the other way around and all other things you can think of.

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
Talking about Arduino, you might want to build it yourself.
Tinker works with clients who want to break new ground in the application of technology in creative contexts. These are a few key examples. I will go back to listening mode now, Alexandra shows u amazing cool projects, like make twitterbirds sing when new tweets come in.
What’s the use of that?

If you like the streaming video, it should be here at


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