Eugenie van Wiechen Managing Talent in the Digital Age #swvi

The first presentation of today at Succesful Recruitment via Internet is by Eugenie van Wiechen, Country Manager Linkedin Netherlands,

What’s changed in hiring?

In Y2k
limited information on both sides, both companies and candidates spent most of the interview on sharing info about who they are before they start discussing the job and their matching.

Both company and candidate’s available info has exploded and is easier to access about companies you are able to read blogs, websites and analyst share their opinion. More candidate information you’ll get viaSocial networks and search.

Currently in the Netherlands

66% of Dutch professionals have an account on Linkedin, that is why Linkedin came to the Netherlands. Currently per month 100k new member in the Netherlands.

Talent management begins with reputation management,
Share your company insights and let people become a fan of your company.

The Linkedin tools give the recruiter all possibilities to target their audience and share information one on one.

Too bad, the slides of the Linkedin presentation will not be available for those who are interested in the products they offer. Though you might send an email to Eugenie van Wiechen
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