Sheila Greco about Telephone and Research

Sheila Greco is the first keynote speaker at Sourcecon:

Sheila is bringing back the old days in Recruiting: Research and use the phone…. do you remember 🙂
What happened the past 20 years in Recruiting:

Telephone research: When you ask, you receive!, then internet came up:
Internet: never says no

Nowadays we also use
Social networking: sometimes there is a waiting period and is not always accurate

And we do have advanced
research tools: use what works for you

Telephone Research:
in many cases yields the best candidates and info for future assignments

Finding candidates is easy using the web, but people may be beneath the surface.. You need to dig!

When we had NO INTERNET: the resources were very limited.
Resources consist of research lists along with previous recruiting call lists, The Red Book and Industry magazines.

The Telephone research strategy: tell the full story contact by contact. It leads the recruiter to the hidden candidates!

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Succesful Researchers have a certain personality not a specific background

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